Will Mt. Rushmore Be Usurped?


by Chris “Kit” Alexander

October 12, 2017

It has been seven years since I wrote my book, Two Truths Two Justices, but the facts represented are more valid today than ever.  This article will bring to light the devious plans Obama has to usurp America!

There has been much presented about Obama being on Mt. Rushmore with our greatest presidents recently.  If this would happen it would be a blight on this monument & its historic value!

This idea emanated not from today, but over seven years ago by Obama himself. Proof of this can be found on page 37 of my book Two Truths Two Justices. Obama created an ornament for the White House Christmas Tree showing his image next to our presidents on Mt. Rushmore.

        Obama put his image on Mt. Rushmore



His plans were hatched even before he took office.  If the reader will follow the pattern of the Obama Administration it is evident that all is contained in his organization entitled, Organizing For Action.

Worse yet, Obama gave reverance to Mao, the Chinese dictator that murdered 70 million of his citizens.  Mao’s image appears as well on the White House Christmas Tree. This author exposed this issue over 7 years ago.  It is seen on page 36 of the same book, Two Truths Two Justices.  Obama seems to admire all dictators that take away the rights of their citizens.

         Obama gives honor to dictator Mao


Radical Muslims lauded the election of Barack Hussein Obama. Many of the terrrorists like Siraj Wahhaj encouraged Obama to lead the American Muslims to engage in forging an agenda & shaping the future of what he described as OUR Society.  It pertains to their agenda & their form of society.  This appears that they want to take over all aspects of America!

Note the words given to Obama by Al-Hajj Talib Abdur Rashid, “All Muslims must come to understand the unique, prophetic role that black people, & the Muslims from amongst them are yet destined to play in the destiny the land & its people forging a Domestic Agenda based on common interests serving both the present & future generations.”  One can surmise that he is not talking about an agenda that includes Judaeo / Christian society, or our present Constitution.  Rashid is the Imam of the Islamic Brotherhood Mosque.  Rashid ideas come from the Muslim Brotherhood leader, Hassan Al Banna.  Get the picture as to the association concerning Obama?

Obama stated on September 7, 2007,while on Meet The Press, that “If I’m elected I will disarm America to a level of acceptance of our Middle East Bretren.”  This was reinforced on January 18, 2010, while in Cairo Egypt, Obama stated, “I swear I am a Muslim. My father was a Muslim, my stepfather is a Muslim, my brother is a Muslim, & I AM LOYAL TO THE MUSLIM AGENDA!”  Once again, this follows the pattern of his Organizing For Action.

On June 4, 2009, Obama stated, “I have known Islam on three continents before coming to the region where it was first revealed.  That experience guides my conviction.” It should be noted that whatever guides your conviction sets a pattern for your agenda!

One of our countries most honored courts is the Supreme Court.  Obama chose to undermine this institution on January 27, 2009, using his State of The Union address to severely berate the effectiveness of The Supreme Court on a First Amendment ruling.

Obama has plans for America & they are not good!  His house in the Kalorama neighborhood of Washington D.C. is located next to the Islamic Center of Washington, D.C.; whereby, he had Valerie Jarrett as his advisor move into the house.  This is the main office for their destruction.

Organizing For Action is working together with his Barack Hussein Obama Foundation.  The Obama Foundation has the most liberal & radical people involved.  They have a name that is associated with the foundation, known as the Left Wing Millionaires’ Club.  Members include such people as Yasser Arafat, ( now deceased ).  Also Alec Baldwin, Harry Belafonte, Joe Biden ( VP of Obama & father of Beau Biden-Atty Gen. in Delaware ), Barbara Boxer, Tom Brokaw, Jimmy Carter,  Hugo Chavez (deceased ), Fidel Castro, Cher, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, George Clooney, Jon Corzine ( Former Governor of New Jersey ), Barbara Ehrenreich  (domestic terrorist belonging to the Weather Underground ), Rahm Emanuel, Louis Farrakhan ( Leader of the Nagtion of Islam, radical group ), Mike Farrell ( Actor ), Jane Fonda ( Traitor ), Barney Frank, Ruth Bader Ginsburg ( Supreme Court Judge ), Chris Matthews ( MSNBC ), Peter Lewis ( Owner of Progressive Ins. Co, ), Norman Lear  (Producer ), Spike Lee ( Director in HollyWood ), Al Franken (Senator in Minnesota ), Danny Glover ( Actor ), Al Gore, Chuck Hagel ( Secretary of Defense ), Tom Harkin ( Democrat Senator from Iowa ), Tom Hayden ( 1960’s Radical ), James P. Hoffa ( Union Ldr. ), Eric Holder ( US Attorney General ), Arianna Huffington ( Owner-Huffington Post ), Saddam Hussein ( Deceased ldr ), Jesse Jackson, Sr. aka Jesse Louis Burns ( Rainbow coalition ) , Jesse Jackson, Jr. (Past Senator, serving a Prison term with his wife)  Ted Kennedy (Senator deceased ), Robert F. Kennedy Jr. ( son of Robert Francis ” Bobby” Kennedy, Sr. ), Ayatollah Khomeini  (Supreme Ldr. of Iran – Deceased ), Michael Moore ( Film Director ), Bill moyers ( Former White House Press Secretary ), Ralph Nader ( activist ), Barrack Hussein Obama, Michelle Obama, Rosie O’Donnell, Keith Obermann, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Sean Penn, Drummond Pike ( Socialist- Founder of Tides Foundation ), John Podesta ( President and (CEO of the Center for American Progress ), Pol Pot (Communist), Muammar Qadhafi  Revolutionary Chairman of the Libyan Arab Republic- Deceased ), Charles Rangel  (Representative for New York’s 13 District ), Dan Rather( Commentator),  Rob Reiner  (Actor ), Julia Roberts (Actress ), Bernie Sanders ( Senator from Vermont ), Susan Sarandon ( Liberal Actress ), Debbie Schultz Wasserman ( Chairman of National Democratic Committee ), James Zogby ( president of the Arab American Institute (AAI) in  Washington, D.C. ), Jesse Jackson , Sr. aka Jesse louis Burns ( Rainbow Coalition ), Jesse Jackson Jr. ( Now in Prison ), Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. ( Friend of Barak Obama ), Oprah Winfrey, Cornel West (Prominent member of the DSA, Democrat Socialists of America ), Henry Waxman ( House of Representative-33rd District in Ca. ), Ted Turner (  Founder of the cable news network CNN ), Pete stark ( Former US Rep. & advocate for the American Muslim Voice ), Bruce Sprinsteen ( Singer ), George Schwartz aka Schwartz György aka George Soros ( Fund Management), Martin Sheen  (Actor ), Al Sharpton ( Democratic Activist ), Ed Schultz ( Liberal TV Host on MSNBC ), Gloria Steinem ( Liberal Feminist ), & Terry McAuliffe ( Democrat Gov. of Virginia- Extremely Liberal ) Considering this foundation & others that share their ideology, it is necessary to evaluate the avenues they take to supply financial resource to our enemies.

Other organizations that work with Obama are The Woods Foundation (Chicago based ), Joyce Foundation, CAIR, Open Society Institute, The James Irvine Foundation, The Carnegie Foundation, Howard Heinz Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  

Other names of organizations that Obama has started are Workers of America that send people door to door trying to get them to sign petitions going against America’s values.  Obama in many venues is trying to change the history & tradition of America as seen in various positions he takes.

On or about March 2010, Obama blocked the entry of many M-1 Rifles coming from South Korea.  It wasn’t about the rifles itself, but about the history & tradition that is associated with the M-1.

Again on March 12, 2011, Obama & Eric Holder eliminated one of our greatest American symbols from the Department of Justice website………….The Stars and Stripes!  Later on the Obama Administration invaded the privacy of millions of innocent Americans rights by creating dossiers on people that have no criminal records.  This was done on December 13, 2012.

Obama even went so far as to invite a known terrorist into the White House in January of 2014.  His name is Anas Al-Tikriti the UK Muslim Brotherhood leader.  Al-Tikriti is also one of the leaders of the British Muslim Initiative ( BMI ). This group was deemed a terrorist group during the 2002 HolyLand Foundation Trials.  It is clear what Obama’s agenda really consists of regarding America!

These are the people & organizations that are attempting to block President Trump along with with the help of George Soros who has bought John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, & Mitch McConnell.  President Trumps efforts are to return the government back to WTP.  This is why President Trump is meeting much resistance!

Of course George Schwartz aka George Soros didn’t have to buy the Democrat Party as they are part of The Communist Party USA, associated with The Democrat Socialists of America.  These are the people that think Obama was a great president……What do you think?

Obama’s pattern of destruction is clearly seen through his attempt at taking away our history, tradition, valued monuments & institutions.  This is what Obama has done & will continue to do.  Obama not only wants his image on Mt. Rushmore, he even wants to be buried overlooking the White House, another landmark of our history he wants to dominate..

The Muslim agenda is actually what Obama has done.  The Muslims in Palmyra destroyed Christian symbols trying to establish their rule in that area through ISIL.  This is a form of dominance they are attempting to employ regarding all American symbols.  The belief of this author is that terrorists want to make themselves visible by attacking in the pursuit of dominating our symbols, leading to their hopeful conquest of the West.

This was the case with Miss USA 2010 Pageant winner Rima Fakih.   Imad Hamad is a Hamas Deputy that financed Rima Fakih for this event.  This pageant was a landmark symbol of our country.  Winning this event would be a symbol for Muslims to claim somewhat of domination.  Rima Fakih’s pageant financing was made possible by Imad Hamad who is an open supporter of Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Qaida, & in this authors opinion he is well entrenched in Hizb- ut-Tahrir.  Hizb-ut-Tahrir is also the Alliance For Civilizations incorporated into the United Nations, represented by John Esposito, the UN Ambassador for this Islamic Supremacist Group.  Rima Fakih after she won the title was arrested on a DUI charge in 2013.  So much for the idea that Muslims avoid alcohol.

The Miss USA of 2010, Miss Michigan, Rima Fakih, has many relatives who are in the ranks of Hezbollah.  Haidar Fakih is the top official in Hezbollah.  Her many other relatives such as, Alhaj Mahmoud Fakih, Osman Abd Alnabi Fakih, Ibrahim Mohamed Fakih,  Ali Said Fakih, Yousef Ali Fakih, have all been killed when they attempted to attack Israel.

The reason seals & symbols are important to our nation is that they represent our tradition, culture, & belief structure.  This is why Obama attempts to take over all of our seals & symbols.  Seals & symbols reveal who we are, where we have come from, & where we are going regarding our character & resolve.  One of greatest seals is the Great Seal.

Obama altered & defaced The Great Seal

This was also taken over by Obama as he altered & defaced it to fit his misguided agenda.

When Obama Altered the Great Seal he committed a crime of altering & defacing as it applies to USC Title 18 Section 713.

Again, this author wants to remind the reader of the importance of seals & symbols & why Obama & other Muslims want to dominate these symbols.  In turn they want to replace our history, tradition, American values with their values.  With values a form of character & integrity are apparent & they are not our values!

God forbid that Obama would be able to have his image on Mt. Rushmore.  This would totally devalue the history of our preceding presidents & the honor that is befitting to them!

A special note: It is of utmost importance to you & this nation to support President Trump in his attempt to take the control of government away from the Washington Establishment by electing him for a second term.  This may be the only chance we have to preserve this great nation!

America can’t survive the onslaught of people like Obama attempting to destroy our history, tradition, & American values by placing him in a position of honor he DOESN’T DESERVE with his image on Mt. Rushmore!  That is only an honor to those that are true patriots!












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