Will Donald Trump Be Our Pied Piper?



Trump leading the “Rats” out of Washington

Rats from left to right:John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, Nancy Pelosi,& Mitch McConnell.  Other rats not pictured are Democrats that belong to the DSA, Democrat Socialists of America.

by Chris “Kit” Alexander

December 31, 2015

Donald Trump has made a lot of statements as to his actions if he should become president.  He is the type of person that never backs down when conducting business.  His negotiation skills are remarkably successful in getting the right results.

Based on his skills this author believes he will accomplish everything he has stated in all debates & interviews.  I also believe that he will be our Pied Piper in cleaning out Washington, D.C. of the “Rats” that have stolen from the American public over the years, lining their pockets & their lobbyists pockets.

This is the reason why the Democrat / Socialists, Republican elitists, & Washington insiders do not want Trump in office.  This is the very reason why the American public needs Trump in office because he is the only one that has the intent to accomplish what needs to be done.

The ticket for 2016 should be Trump for President Mike Pence for Vice President, with that combination this nation could be saved from the devastating effect of the Obama Administration & the years of damage created by Jimmy Carter & Bill Clinton.

The reason things did not change when the Republicans won the House & Senate was two fold.  The Republican Party Line dictated what was to happen by John McCain, Mitch McConnell, & other elitists in the Republican Party.  There is a financial consideration in Washington, D.C.  There is a tremendous amount of money between the two parties & their lobbyists.  Keeping this going requires the efforts of the Democratic Party Line & Republican Party Line to work in the same vein!  An example of this is Paul Ryan, as Speaker of The House, passed a budget bill that gave the Democrats everything & left the Conservatives with nothing.  The bill is $80 billion to escalate more spending.  Ryan completely sold out to appease Obama, Pelosi, & Harry Reid.  Both parties do cooperate with each other & trade favors to get legislation through.  If that stalls then Obama writes executive orders without the consent of Congress when he wants to get his way.  With the efforts of Paul Ryan, Obama got his way!

This money machine is one of the reasons why the Republicans didn’t do what they were suppose to when they won the House & Senate.  Where is the will of the Republican Party?  Political careers were the consideration in upholding the party lines.  One glaring example of this was Marco Rubio that was elected because of the Tea Party backing him.  He betrayed them when he joined the “gang of eight,” only to solidify his political career, he thought!

Money as it circulates throughout Washington is the a major consideration for the Democrats, Republicans, & miscreants like Obama wanting to stop Trump from getting into office.  They are fearful of Trump to the point that they would try & eliminate him if possible!

Trump will return government to its rightful place.  Limited government & the end to the way Washington does business.  Isn’t that what the American people have been wanting all these years?  It will be the end to government dictating what insurance that you must buy to avoid stiff penalties & the threat of jail that exist in ObamaCair sections 7201 & 7203.

It will be the end to putting their political careers ahead of the American people & our Constitution, especially when it concerns the Second Amendment!  Trump / Pence will be the only alternative in this election!  If Hillary were to get in, the Second Amendment, Constitution, & our entire way of life would be in danger as well as our children & grand children’s futures.

This election will dictate whether we have Freedom, or Devastation by 2020!

Vote smart….Vote as if your life & all the wealth you have built depends on it because it does!

Hebrews 10:38-39

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