Who Will Replace Senator Orrin Hatch?

by Chris “Kit” Alexander

February 9, 2017

Updated October 27, 2017

Updated January 4, 2018

This update is important to the people of Utah & the nation as well.  Senator Orrin Hatch has decided to retire.  This leaves Jon Huntsman, Jr. to run for that seat.  Mitt Romney could be a possible contender.  It is important for all to understand the character of Huntsman because We The People can’t afford to have any more elected officials that don’t support the Constitution, or neglect to act in the best interests of the American people!

Jon Huntsman, Jr. is a  Republican Rhino that supported Obama in all respects!  Huntsman was appointed by Obama in 2009, as the Ambassador to China because of his views that line up exactly with Obama’s views.

This would be a disaster if Jon huntsman, Jr. were to be elected.   Why?  Huntsman, Jr is a member and Chairman of The Bilderbergers in Utah.  This is the group that wants a One world Government!

Jon Huntsman, Jr. will defend all Muslims regardless of their origin, or connections to various Muslim Charities that are suspected of giving material support to terrorists.

Huntsman, Jr. sided with a traitor. Cpl.  Wassef Ali Hassoun.  In 2004, Cpl. Hassoun dissappeared, thought to be captured.  That was just a cover for his real act of treason!  He went over to Jordan misappropriating a Marine Corps vehicle & various weapons.  One of the questions would be why & what did he do in Jordan & how did he get to other Islamic areas without benefit of income.

Where is the vehicle & the firearms he took when he deserted in route to Jordan?  If he sold these items, who did he sell them to, or what group did he receive money from ?  Where did he get his financial support for the 10 years he was gone.  What did he offer as renumeration for a financial gain?

Jon Huntsman, Jr.,knew that Hassoun was a deserter & Huntsman went to be the keynote speaker with his wife, Mary Huntsman, at the Khadeesia Mosque in West Valley City, Utah.  This is the largest Mosque in the 11 Western States.  While at the Mosque, Huntsman sympathized with the community, that Jon Huntsman Jr.favors.


                                  Jon Huntsman, Jr. pictured

Jon Huntsman was very sympathetic to the Muslim community that was demonstrated on June 21, 2010. five years after Hassoun deserted the Marine Corps en route to Jordan, joining the enemy !  The purpose  for this visit was a disgrace.  Jon Huntsman, Jr. knew that the Marine Cpl Wassef Ali Hassoun was not in danger as purported by the Utah Muslim Community, but infact was a deserter taking with him a military vehicle, pistol , & his rifle.  Huntsman, Jr. was the keynote speaker for the Mosques annual Sunday School graduation in his effort to show that he is compliant with the Muslim community. 

Huntsman, Jr. is a Bilderberg member & Chairman in Salt Lake City, Utah.   The Bilderberger group is the one that wants a one world order.  Obama has stated when he gave a speech in 2014, at the United Nations, “There needs to be a One World Government we can no longer rely on the small mindessness of the American men & women.”  Huntsman, Jr shares the ideals of Barack Hussein Obama!

Obama & Jon Huntsman are very good friends.  Huntsman, Jr. is not a Republican, he is an Obamaite.  Obama appointed Huntsman, Jr. as the U.S. Ambassador to China.

Huntsman, Jr. agrees with Obama on all issues such as immigration.  The very issue that President Trump is trying to protect our country from by preventing terrorists from coming into our country.  Jon Huntsman, Jr. is strongly against Nuclear energy development.  He is also the Vice president & Chairman for former U.S. Trade official with deep personal & family ties to China.  He is the son of billionaire Jon Huntsman, Sr. & his family that founded the Huntsman Corp.  The Huntsman Corp, The Huntsman Cancer Foundation & CEO of Huntsman Family Holdings Company are all charities & philanthropic organizations.  The question is from what point do they donate, or give grant money to the Tide Foundation, Tide Centers, Woods Fund, Open Society, etc?

John “SongBird” McCain was firmly behind Jon Huntsman, Jr. for a Presidential candidate years ago. This author calls John McCain the “Songbird” as labeled by the other pilots captured in Vietnam.  The other pilots stated that McCain spilled his guts so that he wouldn’t be tortured, giving vital information to our enemy.  Information that McCain had by virtue of his father being a Four Star Admiral in the Navy.  The Political Action Committee & the University of Utah’s Hinckley Institute of Politics wanted Huntsman, Jr.  to run in 2016.  The implication of this hasn’t been realized by the public as yet.  This author exposed this back in 2005, was anyone paying attention ?

These are the allies that Cpl Hassoun has on his side to support the return of this traitors actions.  It appears that if Jon Huntsman were to be elected over any other candidate, Huntsman would be a carbon copy of Obama in that Senatorial seat.

The influence of Huntsman, Jr. being elected would have support from The Salt Lake Tribune, owned by  Paul Huntsman, Jon Huntsmans brother.  Through the paper his brother owns, Huntsman, Jr. would have an automatic endorsement creating a facade disguising the true personality of Jon Huntsman, Jr.

Jon Huntsman, Jr. has an undying loyalty to China which could prove to be detrimental to Americas welfare.  The reason for this is that he has major business interests tied into China & he speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese, but most of all he is liberal in his thinking that would put this country back to wherer Obama left off!

In this authors opinion, based on Jon Huntsman, Jr character, he would say, or do anything to be elected & that is a dangerous proposition.  In spite of everything else, Jon Huntsman, Jr. is a translucent personality.  The meaning of this is permitting a look into a perceived personality for public opinion, but diffusing it so that his true personality can’t be detected regarding his inner beliefs.

Mitt Romney could run in Hatch’s place.  Jon Huntsman’s ideology parallels Obamas belief structure & that isn’t good for the people of Utah, or Congress.  We have seen what that type of ideology can do to a country.  It’s obvious that Mitt Romney would be the better choice!

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