Where Do You Stand?

by Chris “Kit” Alexander

July 15, 2017

In our lives we stand for different reasons based on the gravity of events that need our attention.  There is such a need at present!  This article will discuss that need & how it will resonate in the future for you & our families well being as a people & as a Nation.

The need I am speaking about is the constant attack on our Constitutional system & the thwarting of those that are trying to destroy any ability to move forward into a positive valence.

It’s not only the Democrats that are trying to take down President Trump, but other Republicans that are connected to the Establishment Agenda of Washington.  These are the ones that are most threatened of losing their political power & financial “Gravy Train.”

Rob Portman ( Ohio ) is being pressured by John Kasich ( Ohio ) to vote against Trumps bill that will replace Obamacare.  Kasich was the one that was the most adamant against Trump during the debates. Kasich also was the one that looked the most foolish during those debates.   There are 15 other Republicans against President Trump for reasons not especially associated with the bill directly.

This author feels these Republicans are only trying to maintain their political careers at the expense of moving the country forward. All of this is instigated by the Washington Establishment, mainly John “Songbird” McCain & Lindsey Graham.

President Trump’s yes means yes & his no means no.  Trump is the only president that has kept his promises & demonstrated his resolve in solving the problems that the Obama Administration has created.  Make no mistake, Obama is actively a part of the Washington Establishment. The Democrats & Republicans mentioned in this article will do everything they can to block President Trump, even creating lies & false situations.  This relates to the 5 investigations by the FBI that found NO EVIDENCE of connection to Russian involvement with the election.

There is evidence;however, that Obama hacked into the election.  Obama intelligence officials confirmed this fact & that Obama used political influence to gain info on Americans.  In short, Obama used his authority to use intel as a weapon against American citizens.

Another side of the Democrats fear along with establishment Republicans is that President Trump will install term limits ending their careers & the money they get from lobbyists, creating their own deals at the expense of Americans.

Other Republicans that have piled on to this thwarting action are Mike Lee ( Utah ), Shelley Moore Capito ( West Virginia ) & John McCain the heart of the establishment that is trying to destroy Trumps Presidency. It wouldn’t be surprising to know that Obama is behind the effort to subvert President Trumps efforts in doing the best for America.

Other Republicans that have joined McCain are Dean Heller (Nevada ), John Hoeven (North Dakota ), Lisa Murkowski ( Alaska ), & Jeff Flake ( Az ) probably being pressured by John “Songbird” McCain.

Other Republicans that are aligned with the plot to delegitimize President Trump are Ben Sasse ( Nebraska ), Cory Gardner ( Colorado ), Todd Young of  Indiana & Thom Tillis of North Carolina. More Republican Senators are no surprise as to their actions. Lindsey Graham ( So, Carolina ) that was partnered with John McCain in the gang of eight.  They are four Democrats & four Republicans that will oppose to protect an estsblishment that needs to be eradicated to form a more just government.  The American people have been wanting change in Washington & now that there is a real possibility of change the fear from the establishment is apparent. The lack of common sense by the establishment is being realized by the American public!

The Gang of Eight upholds the Washington Establishment views that the American people have been wanting to get rid of for years. This is the change WTP need & what these politicians don’t want!  Gang of Eight members will do everything they can to subvert the effort on all fronts that President Trump is trying to correct for the good of the American people.

Sen. Mike Bennet D-Co, Sen. Dick Durbin D-Il, Sen. Jeff Flake R-Az, Sen John McCain R-Az, Sen.Lindsey Graham R-S.C., Sen Robert Menendez D-N.J., Sen Marco Rubio R-Fl, & Sen Chuck Schumer D-N/.Y,  These are the ones that have partnered with the worst Democrats in Congress!

Rounding out the list is Rand Paul ( Kentucky ) & Susan Collins of Maine.  All want to be on the side of MCCain.  Unfortunately for them & fortunately for WE THE PEOPLE, that will be the losing side!

This author has been saying for many years that the left & Democrats believe that if they say something long enough & loud enough people will believe it!  The ones that will believe are liberals that share a false truth backward thinking process.  This process isn’t associated with common sense, or reality because they have a reality of their own, not connected to TRUTH!

It is time for every American to answer the question, Where Do You Stand?  Do you stand with the Democrats & the left maintaining the Washington Establishment STATUS QUO, or do you stand  on solid ground with President Trump in ridding Washington of the corruption paving the way for a better government & opportunity for us all?

This will be the only opportunity to accomplish a better limited government, clean up a lot of corruption in Washington, balance the budget, give more opportunity to small businesses, & much more.

If you want to fully understand the destructive nature of the Washington Establishment, all you have to do is look at the Carter Administration, Clinton Administration, & finally the destructive Obama Administration.

It is obvious that John “SongBird” McCain speaks out of both sides of his mouth when he says he doesn’t want Obama to be president, but Obama is a decent man. This author knows that Obama is anything but a decent person!

This is the exact thing that we need to eliminate from Washington. So, again Where Do You Stand?



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