Trump’s Congressional Speech

Time to rebuild nationally

                  Time to rebuild our nation

by Chris “Kit” Alexander

February 28, 2017

President Trump gave his Congressional speech at 6:11 PM, PST.  He opened when he entered the Chamber to a standing ovation that lasted several minutes.  Before he entered Melania Trump came in and received a tumultuous greeting with applause.

President Trump outlined his administrations plans to restore our country from the lack of leadership and mismanagement seen over the past eight years.  Throughout his speech that lasted 65 minutes, he received 59 standing ovations!  That is almost one standing ovation for every minute he spoke.

In his plans for America he stated that we need Unity between both parties.  His message is of Unity and Strength!  President Trump said for every problem there is a solution. His plan is to join forces and get the job done right according to his campaign promises.

President Trump covered topics such as repealing Obamacare with a solution to reduce insurance payments covering everyone.  He spoke about consumers being able to cross state lines with insurance purchases creating more competition to bring down the cost and other associative conditions.  Being able to cross statelines was what the Republicans suggrested when Obamacare was being written by Democrats that saw fit to lock out all Republicans from any input for HR 3962.  In effect, Obama and his Democrats own all the failure that goes with Obamacare.

He spoke of a renewal of the American Spirit that our allies will know we are ready to lead!  He further stated that in the 2016 Election the silent voices became a loud chorus to restore our nation on the world stage.

Further points that President Trump mentioned were to build our military up, take care of our veterans, bring down drug costs immediately, tax relief for the middle class, eliminate sequester, build our infrastructure, reduce regulations for corporate business to compete on a fair level.  His mantra is Buy American and Hire American.


                      $1 Trillion for new jobs

President Trump has gotten a commitment from many companies promising to create jobs in America.  He also has obtained commitments amounting to $1 Trillion for new jobs through public / private capital.

Education is an important issue for future success. President Trump said, “education is the civil rights issue of our time.” He plans to improve education through homeschooling, private schools, charter schools, and other sources.

Other concerns were to get rid of NAFTA that has caused many jobs to be lost in America costing this country $800 Billion.  Also he stated that Trans Pacific Trade Agreement was a bad negotiation and it will be ended.  Along with this he believes that Free Trade has to be Fair Trade putting America first and our workers first.   The ending of NAFTA and The Transpacific Trade Agreement will assist in “starting the engine of the American economy!”

President Trump talked about immigration!  He is in favor of a merit based system for legalizing immigrants.

President Trumps other concerns are for law and order keeping America safe while not representing the world, but representing the United States of America only!

In conclusion, President Trump stressed the importance of working together and that we are all made by the same GOD!

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