Trump Gives State Of The Union Address

by Chris “Kit” Alexander

January 31, 2018

On January 30, 2018 in Statuary Hall, President Trump presented the State of The Union Address.  This address was received with 91 standing ovations throughout the duration of his speech.

It took many minutes for him to recap the achievements of his 11 months in office including the biggest Tax Cuts & Reforms in American History. Unemployment claims are at a 45 year low for African American & Hispanics with the lowest rates of unemployment EVER recorded.  This was followed by issues such as illegal immigration, infrastructure, deportations of thousands of MS 13 gang members, merit based system for immigration, trade, national security, & the future as it relates to the economy.

This speech & the level of sincerity is something the American public has been waiting for for many years. President Trump presented in detail about the economy & companies that are to contribute large amounts of money by returning to the United States to manufacture their products.

Apple gave Trump a commitment to bring $350 BILLION into the economy.  Others that echoed contributing to the economy are several car manufacturing companies.  President Trump mentioned that several companies located in Mexico will be bringing all of the operations to the United States!

Under the leadership of President Trump the Stock Market has gained 8 Trillion Dollars in value!  The confidence of the American people has risen greatly because of the character of those in charge compared to what it was in the last administration.  This has fueled a new belief in the American Dream contrary to being the American Nightmare under the Obama Administration!

The complete SOTUS is in the following link:



The American Dream has returned to create opportunities for all American Citizens & those that want to become a part of US.  Now is the time for all to keep in prayer the Trump Administration in the eventual goals they have set.  Trump has kept his promises & intends to keep others as well.  His YES means YES & his NO means NO!  Quite a change from presidents in the past.

The futre looks bright for Making America Great Again! This author needs to remind the reader that Freedom & all the good President Trump is doing is a generational thing.  His efforts needs to be supported in the future as well.  We The People do not want to go back to the way it was under Obama, or other presidents of that ilk!












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