The Ten Most Dangerous


Author Chris “Kit” Alexander

by Chris “Kit” Alexander

December 7, 2015

This author has been trying to warn the American public since 2007 of the ever present dangers to our country.  Not only through this website, but through several radio shows that this author has hosted as well as 21 television shows since 2010.

Ever since Obama appeared on Meet The Press, September 7, 2007, Obama stated, ” If I’m elected I will disarm America to a level of acceptance of our Middle Eastern brethren.”  It is this authors firm belief that Obama is aiding & abetting those that are trying to establish a Caliphate including ISIL, Hezbollah, & Al Quada!   This is the Muslim agenda!  Obama stated that he is loyal to the Muslim agenda on January 18, 2009 while in Cairo, Egypt.  The exact quote is as follows.  “My father was a Muslim, my brother is a Muslim, my stepfather is a Muslim, & I am loyal to the Muslim agenda.”  This qualifies Obama for Treason , Sedition, & Seditious Conspiracy, under USC Title 18 Part 1 Chapter 115 Sections 23181, 2383-2390.

Others that join Obama in their ideology are nine others that this author believes to have knowledge of the hidden terrorist cells in our country.  One of these persons is presently establishing Jihad Camps & training for terrorists within our borders.

This person has been purchasing property ever since 2009, for this purpose.  At that time there were only about 35 Jihadi Camps in our country, now there are over 200!  This person is Sheik Galani!

Sheik Ali Gilani Establishing Jihad Camps In Our Country & Obama Will Not Stop Him

Sheik Ali Gilani Establishing Jihad Camps In Our Country & Obama Will Not Stop Him

Sheik Ali Gilani who has been buying up America along with the others & Obama will not stop them.  Why should he ?  He said it himself that he is on the side of the Muslims in 2006.  The same as Al Waleed bin Talal Abdullah bin Abdullah Aziz Al Saud  with his financing of many terrorist groups.

Others that have professed either war against the United States, or the obliteration of Amerca fall on many Muslims, some within our country.  Specifically one Omar Ihmad with CAIR in Washington, D.. C.  He stated that if we didn’t distance ourselves from Israel Omar Ihmad would exact violence against us.  His counterpart with CAIR in Ohio, Selah Sultan expressed it more violently when he stated that “We ( Muslims ) will obliterate America ! ”

Agha Saeed heads up the American Muslim Alliance which is the political arm for Muslims to gain a foothold in our government.

He also heads up the American Muslim Task force that contains the Jihadi fighters in our country.  He attended in 2009, the Sunni Conference in Southern California,


Agha Saeed pictured

Speaking at the Shura Council Banquet in Southern Califiornia on May 30, 2009, he stated that they will become more visible whenever possible.  He tried to paint the Black Panthers as victims more than the criminals that they became.  Don’t forget The Black Panthers that became the New Black Panthers are all Muslims.  This is the group that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad met with secretly in 2010.

Saeed went on to say that Muslims were denied access to The White House, Mass Communication, State Department, & laughably the Justice Department.  I say laughably because Obama & Eric Holder have shielded Muslims that should be prosecuted.

Saeed’s sixth point says it all !  Saeed’s answer to these so-called violations of First Amendment Rights is to instigate lawsuits that would “make them ( Americans ) bleed economically, putting 20, 30, 40 lawsuits against them costing them 2 Million, 3 Million dollars.”

Saeed’s main point is that Muslims are victims that are denied First Amendment rights.  He claimed they are targeted.  The point to this is that if they act like American Citizens that aren’t involved in terrorism they wouldn’t be targeted in the first place !

In his speech he only talked about a form of retaliation towards our government & never spoke about accepting American Values to become part of our society !

It would be interesting to find out more information about The American Muslim Taskforce operations overseas & more of a connection to the United States…..Agha Saeed has a lot of answers !  He probably knows where a lot of cells exist.  This is the person that stated he wanted a Muslim president by the year 2020!

In his speech he only talked about a form of retaliation towards our government & never spoke about accepting American Values to become part of our society !

Adan Ahmad Yousif resides in Bahrain, but has other accomodations in other Muslim countries.  He is head of the Al Baraka Banking Group that is tied into the Arab Thought Foundation.  The Arab Thought Foundation board members are all terrorists & financiers of terrorist organizations.  Presently there are many law enforcement organizations that are tracking him.  What makes him dangerous is not only his ideology, but the ability to use the Islamic Banking Center to finance terrorism around the world.  This author firmly believes he has financed Sheik Galani in his efforts to buy land in the United States to establish Jihadi training camps.


Adnan Ahmad Yousif CEO of Al Baraka Group

 Obama has been working with Sudanese born, Mohamed Majid, the head of ISNA, another group that has been linked to terrorism.  We knew what Obama was up to when he first got elected.  Every terrorist organization sent him congradulatory letters seeking to work with him. ISNA was one of them.  Obama, together with Mohamed Majid, is financing the effort for ISNA to train Imams to enter into our military as Chaplains.

These Muslim Chaplains, or more to the point, Imams, have a code they will adhere to in our military.  They call it The Muslim Chaplain Code of Ethics.  The reader only needs to read the first line of their code.  It states, “I, as a Muslim chaplain pledge to serve God in accordance with sound Islamic principles.”   It is evident they will follow Islamic principles, not the principles that established our Nation!


Mohamed Majid with ISNA

Another Muslim group that is headed up by Anwar Sufi is MA, or The Muslim Advocacy.  Anwar Sufi lead Muslim prayers when Obama cancelled the Christian Day of Prayer September 25, 2009.  Sufi has also worked with Jihad Selah Williams aka Jihad F. Selah that Obama appointed in 2009 to place 8000 Muslims into our Federal government as IRS Agents.

Another dangerous Muslim is Yaqub Mirza that is friends with Hillary Clinton.  Mirza along with Omar Ashraf & Yasin Qadi financed & did fund raisers for her in 2006-2007.  Yasin Qadi is the financier for Al Qaeda.

Yaqub Mirza is the president and CEO of Sterling Management Group.  His Executive Vice President is M. Omar Ashraf.  Ashraf is affiliated to all other entities that Mirza controls.  These names should sound familiar because they established fundraisers for Hillary Clinton and donated heavily to her campaign.  They are also affiliated with CAIR, the organization that wants to see the United States become a Muslim nation.  These are the people that Hillary considers friends.

Mirza & Ashraf contributed to many foundations, one of which is the SAAR Foundation.  Safa Trust is an umbrella group for the SAAR network, another entity that Mirza controls, along with Ashraf.  SAAR gets its acronym from Sulaiman Abdul Aziz Al-Rajhi, a Saudi banker & billionaire who largely funded the group.  He is said to be close to the Saudi ruling family & is a part of the Golden Chain, which is a list of early al-Qaeda supporters.

Other points of control that Yaqub Mirza has are defined in a company that developed our  countries future combat systems.  This company is LynuxWorks that Yaqub Mirza not only sits on the board, but was one of the financiers and directors of terrorist affiliated Ptech.  Mirza also helped set up the Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi SAAR network in Herdon, Virginia.  PTech & Lynux Works has the government contract to supply combat software for our military.  The SAAR Foundation was raided on March 20, 2002, by federal authorities regarding involvement in terrorist activities.  The Al Rajhi Family owns the Al Rajhi Bank & they are considered the most respected families in Saudi Arabia.  This points out that this respect only follows the lines of terrorism.  Sulaiman’s brothers that share his beliefs, in this authors opinion, are Saleh bin Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi, Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi, Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi.   Sulaiman Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi was listed as a terrorist when the SAAR Foundation raided in 2002.  The terrorist foundation SAAR was founded by Sulaiman Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi; hence the acronym.  Yaqub Mirza is the director of virtually all organizations targeted in the raid.  Mirza, Ashraf, & their associates are connected to al-Qaeda & to other entities officially listed by the US as sponsors of terrorism.  These statements are supported by the Wall Street Journal.  Another company that Yaqub Mirza founded was Sana-Bell’s Washington, D.C. branch along with two known al Qaeda financiers, Saleh Kamel & Ibrahim Afandi.


Yaqub Mirza friend of Hillary Clinton

 The Saturna Corporation is another company that Yaqub Mirza has some control over, as he sits on the Board of Trustees.  They are referred to as Amana Mutual Funds Trust, Sextant Mutual Funds , & Idaho Mutual Funds started in 1986.  The other trustees are Nicholas Kaiser, Talat Othman, Abdul Wahab, Abid Malik, Salim Manzar, Miles Davis, & Herbert G. Grubel.

Zahid Shaikh Mohammed, the brother of 9/11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed (KSM), works as the head of the Pakistani branch of the charity, Mercy Intermational.  Mercy International is tied into terrorism through a link with the late Osama bin Laden.
Zahid has filled the void when his brother went to federal lockup as being the mastermind of 9/11.  Zahid Shaikh Mohammed is as dangerous as his brother, even moreso!  Khalid was a member of one of the most dangerous terrorist groups that has the cover name of Alliance For Civilizations. 
These ten names are in this authors opinion the most dangerous.  Most are in our country while others reside in Bahrain, Pakistan, Lebanon, etc.  Make no mistake they all work together with other charities & financial groups such as mentioned in this article.  They get other financing from groups like The Tide Foundation, Tide Centers, Woods Fund, Ruckus Society, George Soros through hisOpen Society, & many more that contribute to radical causes & terrorism!  The goal they want to achieve is destruction of Chrisytianity, America & Israel!
This author would be remiss if I didn’t mentioned that Obama through his executive orders, personal friends, his statements, governmental appointments, & even his statements made from 2006 – present what his ideology reflects.  He has placed devout Muslims in every key position in our government. Within the Department of Homeland Security Obama has placed over 70 people that are presently on the terrorist Watch list!
Another example is Rashid Hussein, Obama’s White House Counsel.  Hussein is friends with Samar Al Arian that was convicted on terrorism charges & later deported!  Rashid Hussein is also associated with the terrorist group OIC headed up by Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu, another friend of Hillalry Clinton.  Our government, in essence, has been overthrown.

Obama’s most recent appointment was for Fatima Noor to be the Special Assistant to the Director for U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services.  Her name translated means the Daughter of The Prophet Mohamed.


Fatima Noor pictured

Obama has worked with many Muslim groups to pave the way for Shari’ah Law to enter our culture.  Also he has dealt destruction to our economy increasing welfare recipients to a tune of almost 50%, while 1/3 of our population is unemployed!  Obama has raised taxes 112% overall!  He single handedly drove up our National Debt to over 25-28 Trillion dollars.  The 19 Trillion is not a true figure, but they don’t want the American public to know that fact!


Obama has a special recognition regarding all that he has done.  That is why this author refers to Obama as the Number One Domestic Enemy of our country!
The reach of Islam have invaded the fabric of our society.  This has only been achieved because of Political Correctness!  America can no longer sustain multiple attacks of this nature.  America, it is time to change our government before our government changes us!  This is achieved through just saying No to Political Correctness.  This can only be reflected in who we put in government at all levels.
It must start with standing up for what is right in all ares of our lives regardless of any intimidation, consequences, or innuendo created by others that want to destroy our Judeo / Christian way of life.

This author is asking for all true Americans to take a stand against the elements that want to destroy us!

If these Ten most dangerous people were questioned about the whereabouts of hidden sleeper cells in our country, we might learn a lot & save many American lives in the process!


Chris “Kit” Alexander


 Hebrews 10:38-39













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