Rush Got It Wrong Again !

by Chris “Kit” Alexander

Addition to article updated December 7, 2017

Today Rush Limbaugh on 1190 radio in Portland, Oregon made a statement regarding the resignation of Sen,. Al Franken.  Rush said that Franken was trying to create a “backdoor.” Rush went on to say that Franken didn’t actually resign, but that if Judge Roy Moore would win the election in Alabama, Franken would  not resign, but have a case regarding not resigning because of allegations against Judge Moore.

First, Rush, JUDGE ROY MOORE WILL WIN THE ELECTION IN ALABAMA!   There are factors that point to the fact he will win & if you had insight like you claim you would know this to be true!  Second, the Democrat Party will look foolish & potentially lose future elections based on surrendering to a defunct Sen. Franken, allowing him to stay in office, especially after viewing photographs of his violations!

This author believes the allegations against Judge Roy Moore are false for two reasons. One, the counsel for plaintiffs refuse to produce evidence that would disprove their claim.  Two, why would these women wait forty years to bring these claims up?  Three, the two accusers are questionable as one worked for Hillary Clinton & the other is a Democrat loyalist.  Another factor leading to Beverly Nelsons false claim is that Beverly Young Nelson has finally admitted that she forged the writings in her high school yearbook that she & attorney Gloria Allred used as proof of her accusations against U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore.


Addition to article updated March 7, 2017

Addition to article updated March 13, 2014,

Addition to article update February 18, 2015

Once again,Rush gets it wrong!  On his show that aired on 1190 AM radio in Portland, Oregon at 9:22 AM, he stated that Obama was a pacifist. Rush doesn’t understand the true character of Obama.  If he did he would know that Obama is not a pacifist, but one that is actively pushing the Muslim Agenda.  Obama stated many times that he is on the side of the Muslims and he is loyal to the Muslim Agenda.  Michelle Obama also stated publicly that Barack is a Muslim! No where in the major media has any talk show host ever stated the sect that Obama is a part.  He is a Sunni Muslim the same as Abu Dua that is the Caliphate for ISIL / ISIS!  This is why Obama had Abu Dua aka Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi released from Camp Bucca in 2009.  Remember the statement Abu Bakr made when released? ” I will see you in New York. ” This statement was made with a lot of confidence, so much so that it is obvious that he has assistance at a high level to do what he says!

Something else to think about is the case of KSM being held in limbo for many years. No trial as yet!  Did Obama put it off so that the American public will forget?  The victims families will not forget neither will this author!  Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was a high level officer in one of the most dangerous terrorist orgnizations that has been allowed to be in our country without being banned!  His brother Zahid Sheikh Mohammed has taken over the duties since KSM has been imprisoned.  Zahid is now an officer in that terrorist organization!

Rush Limbaugh said on March 13, 2014, Thursday at 11:30 AM, PST on a Portland, Oregon radio station that the Obama Administration doesn’t know what they are doing.  Rush claims that they are incompetent.  Nothing could be further from the Truth!

Rush has committed the grievous error relating to under estimating our enemy!  Make no mistake about it that Obama & his miscreants are the enemy !  They should never be under estimated !

Rush got it wrong again, February 18, 2015, on 1190 KEX radio in Portland, Oregon at 10:35 AM, PST, Wednesday.  Rush said that “Obama will not acknowledge the enemy.”  It is not that he refuses to acknowledge the enemy, but that he is aiding & abetting the enemy.  This is based on Obama’s ideology &  the fact that his brother, Malik Obama, is the International Investment Officer for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Rush doesn’t fully understand the mindset of Obama, or the Muslim agenda as it is attached to many organizations & Muslim Charities.  He doesn’t know the TWO driving forces behind the Muslim Agenda that is perpetrated throughout the world.  He further doesn’t understand the group that is behind the scenes that has been building a Caliphate that is stronger than what ISIS/ISIL is doing!  It is imperative that people understand how the different groups work together & interact with others that share their agenda.

Obama does not support Israel!  Obama stated on June 3, 2009, in Cairo, Egypt, that he will show the Muslim world community what he will do with Israel!  He further advised the Democratic party not to appear on March 3, 2015, when Benjamin Netanyahu gives his speech to Congress.  Now you know why Pelosi advised that the Democrats will be too busy to attend the speech.

Obama dislikes Israel & that is why he sent John Kerry with others from his administration to thwart the efforts of Benjamin Netanyahu being elected again.  Let us hope that Stanley Greenberg,  married to


                 Congresswoman Rosa Delauro Greenberg


Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT 3rd District)Married ), is not the person they are trying to get to do dirty work in Israel regarding the upcoming election..  Three to four years ago it was Stanley Greenberg


                               Stanley Greenberg pictured

that tried to turn the people of Israel against the Israel government.  Greenberg is Jewish, but is a devout Liberal that would go along with the desires of Obama!

The other issue is that Obama refuses to give King Abdullah II of Jordan, predatory drones to fight ISIS/ ISIL after the burning alive of Lt. Muath Al-Kaseasbeh.  Obama is trying to show the terrorists that he is aiding & abetting them in their fight.  This is why he will not fully commit to the fight.  This is why he gave 1.5 Billion dollars, Abram Tanks, & twenty F-16’s to Egypt, knowing that the MB would be the benefactor.   Other evidence of Obama’s aiding & abetting is seen in the fact that Obama has not met with Benjamin Netanyahu on many occasions & has actually snubbed him.  This is why Obama gave $770,000,000 for the purpose of foreign Mosques to be renovated in 2011.  The end game is that it probably isn’t going to be used for that purpose.  Can you guess where it will go in actuality!

Another danger Obama created was when he appointed Fatima Noor to the position of special assistant to the Director for U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services.  She has the absolute right to deem anyone entry into our country regardless of their background.  Does Abu Bakr Al Baghadadi aka Abu Dua’s words take relevance at this point when he said, “I will see you in New York.”  After all, the meaning of Fatima Noor’s name means The Daughter of the Prophet Mohammed.  Obama places people in his administration according to factors like this.

The recent appointment of Ashton Carter to the position of Secretary of Defense follows Obama’s thinking.  When Ashton Carter was the Weapons Czar for Obama over five years ago, Carters policy was that every weapon in the United States should be destroyed.  Another example of Obama’s thinking is the appointment of John Brennan over the CIA. Brennana had only one policy when he was a Czar at the same time as Ashton Carter.  Brennan’s policy as the Terrorism Czar is that our U.S. military be disband!

Obama has to walk a very thin line between the Muslim agenda that he supports through his loyalty to it while “posing” as the President of The United States.  This author says “posing” because if he believed in our values everything he has done would not have taken place, especially all the times he has violated our Constitution!  As Thomas Jefferson said, ” The greatest danger to American Freedom  is a government that ignores The Constitution.”

Obama’s plan to transform the United States with his hope & change includes the efforts of Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Peter Lewis, Sheik Sattar Abu Ghuddah, Yaqib Mirza, Omar Ashraf, Yasin Qaidi, Sheik Galani, Adnan Ahmad Yosif, Agha Reza Asgahri aka Moshen Randjacbaran, Jihad Selah Williams aka Jihad F. Selah, Rashid Hussein, Samar Al Arian & the many radical Muslims.

All of these people are undercover with various group names such as No Labels Foundation, Free Press,  Alliance For Civilizations, Organization of Islamic Conference,, Equal Justice Works, Media Development Investment Fund, Tide Foundation, Tide Centers, Carnegie Foundation, Heinz Endowment Fund, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Woods Fund, Bullet, Ruckus Society, Open Society, Media Matters, Progressives For Obama, & others outlined in the books, Truth The Political Answer Dangerous Times Ahead & Two Truths Two Justices.

There is a definite agenda aimed to destroy our Constitution, family values, Christianity, America, & Israel !  This is the goal of Harrison J. Bounel aka Barry Soetoro aka Barak Hussein Obama.

Going back to the March 13, 2014, broadcast, Rush further stated that ObamaCAIR was for the “control of our population.”  Actually that is a very small part of it !  ObamaCAIR was designed to be a Global Financial System attached to various organizations such as NERA, Oliver Wyman, Mercer L.L.C., Mercer parent company-Marsh & McLennan Companies, & Lippincott.  ObamaCAIR, implemented globally, would create the taxes that Obama wants to implement.  These taxes are the Child Poverty Tax & The Global Tax.

The agenda that exists runs deeper than what most talk show hosts realize, or have presented to date !  As previously mentioned the No Labels Foundation is headed up by Bill Gates.  It is also supported by Michael Bloomberg & Jon Huntsman, Jr.

Michael Bloomberg is the former Mayor of New York City that brought in various rules & regulations that were beyond the pale.  He has allowed a terrorist to buy into his news service.  The person that this author is referring to happens to be Al Waleed bin Talal  Abdullah bin Abdullah Aziz Al Saud, a family member of King Abdullah bin Abdullah Aziz Al Saud.

The other person in No Labels Foundation is Jon Huntsman, Jr.  Huntsman, Jr. upheld a lie !  It was believed by the Muslim Community in Utah that Marine Cpl Hassan was captured.  This was not the case & Jon Huntsman, Jr. knew it !

Proof of this was seen when Huntsman, Jr. went as a keynote speaker going to the largest Mosque in the 11 Western States & sympathized with the deserter from the Marine Corps, Corporal Hassan, who stole a Marine Corps vehicle & weapons defecting in route to Jordan !  With Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, & Jon Huntsman, Jr. it is evident as to the character of this foundation & their intent !

This foundation is trying to make the public believe that there is no partisanship to any political group, or agenda.  If that is the case then why is Bill Gates working with Sheik Sattar Abu Ghuddah trying to make all banks in the United States Shari’ah Compliant.

Abdul Sattar Abu Ghuddah’s is the guy that Bill Gates is financially supporting to achieve their agenda.  Gates has openly supported this financial terrorist associated with Muslim organizations that have terrorists on their Board of Directors & Board of Trustees!   The other terrorist that is being watched by the NRO, Naval Intel, FBI, CIA, & twelve other agencies is Adnan Ahmad Yousif.  He is the CEO of Baraka Bank Ltd., a confirmed terrorist!

Obama has directly, or indirectly complied with the wording of Aghad Saeed, head of the American Muslim Alliance & the American Muslim Taskforce.  Saeed stated in 2009, that he wanted a Muslim President by 2020.  In order for that to happen two elements need to come together.  First, the federal government needs to be infiltrated with a majority of devout Muslims.  Second, many Muslims need to be brought into this country to override We The People’s vote.

Obama has fulfilled the first requirement by installing many Muslims in sensitive positions in our federal government.  Obama’s desparation in placing devout Muslims in the government  was seen in the overt act of violating the Rule of Law in a questionable avenue called a Recess Appointment involving Islam A. Siddiqqi as the Chief Agricultural Negotiator, Office of the U.S. Trade Representative. On March 27, 2010, Obama appointed Siddiqqi under a recess appointment, but the Senate was NOT in recess.  This makes the act totally in violation of the law !

Islam A. Siddiqi  has ties to Chicago through his education at the University of Illinois. Siddiqi has a questionable reputation regarding the publics interest.  I miight point out that the recess appointment was done in relation to the Constitution being used against the best interests of the American people.  Under Article II, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution, it gives the president the right to unilaterally fill any vacancy that would normally require Senate confirmation when the Senate is in recess.  Again they were not in recess !

The second requirement has been performed by Obama  bringing in 80,000 Muslims that have possible connections to terrorist groups !  Obama has vowed to give these 80,000 Muslims $100,000 of our tax money supporting them for the next 5 years.  This is not considering all the Muslims brought in under the US Emergency Immigration & Migration Fund, or the InterCountry Adoption Act.  January 7, 2009, many Palestinian refugees were brought into our country that have Hamas connections !

Other talk show hosts have also underestimated Obama & his miscreants !  They would be surprised if they really knew the amount of our representatives that are taking money from Muslims that want to destroy our country.  This is not including the 77 plus members of Congress that belong to the DSA, Democrat Socialists of America, sharing the agenda of false truth backward thinking.

DO NOT BE FOOLED !  The progressive path is aimed at achieving their ideology regardless of who they have to work in achieving their “so-Called” ideology.  This ideology is a false truth backward thinking attitude that will create a destructive climate, not a constructive one.

What is the extent of this false truth ideology ?  It is seen in the executive orders Obama writes & the executive orders written for him by others that share his views.  It is also in the Presidential Memorandums that Obama writes as well.  One example of this is Shirley Jackson Lee.  She has written several executive orders that Obama has approved.  She claims that our Constitution is 400 years old.  The Constitution was signed on September 17, 1787 & ratified, June 21, 1788.  The stupidity of Shirley Jackson Lee is evident because this Nation is only 227 years old !  It is sad that there are representatives in Congress that have no knowledge of our history !

There are so many elements that we need to keep track of including corporations owned by people that are connected to terrorism like Yaquib Mirza, Omar Ashraf, Yasin Qaidi.  These people are also friends of Hillary Clinton.  If she would be elected the destruction of America would be complete !

All that is in this article is not the complete picture.  This agenda goes so deep & so high that it encompasses areas that would appear to be ansillary.  Other areas might seem unrelated & appear to the reader that this author is jumping around.  That is just the point because IT ALL TIES IN!  Exposing the horrendous agenda of radical Muslims requires investigation into all facets of our culture to know what areas are being attacked simultaneously!

This author has spent many hours & years understanding the character of the people & organizations involved.  As I have always said, ” Character is the signpost to the road people travel.”  If you understand teir character with insight you will know what they will do in the future.  Insight does reveal the inner character of those involved & the underlying Truth of any given situation.

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