Reince Priebus Interferes With Federal Election

by Chris “Kit” Alexander

February 14, 2016

The Republican presidential debate in South Carolina on Saturday night was comprised of an audience constructed by Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee.  Reince Priebus hired GOP faithfuls as a pro-establishment group directed at Trump being an anti-Trump audience. This audience booed at every possible opportunity trying to input a poison pill in Trumps Campaign during this debate.

When Jeb Bush spoke it was a different story.  The hired group of GOP faithfuls cheered wildly when Bush spoke.  The contrived audience by Priebus made sure that Bush was cheered in a very loud manner.

This is nothing more than interference with a federal election which is a felony. Priebus should be kicked out of office for this violation as the Chairman for the National Republican Committee!

The truth of the matter is that if people understood how the Bush Family accumulated their wealth they would not be so apt to cheer Jeb Bush.  Jeb carries the same ideology & beliefs translated From his grandfather down to George H.W. Bush & George W. Bush.  They are all of the same attitudinal structure!

The entire male structure of the Bush Family accumulated their wealth by  trading with our enemies.  Prescott Bush gave his friend material support through his Union Bank & much needed financial support.  His friend was Adolph Hitler!  President Roosevelt charged Prescott Bush with Trading With The Enemies Act.

George W. Bush was also guilty of this when he operated Arbusto Energy Oil Co.  George W. Bush’s partner in this company was Osama bin Laden.  Now you know why George W. Bush didn’t take Osama bin Laden out when he had multiple opportunities!  Given the chance Jeb bush would do the same as his counterparts!

If the Bush Family represents the GOP establishment, then it is time for a change.  Rence Priebus doesn’t want the business as usual for the Republicans to go away.  Trump represents that it will go away, that is why the establishment Republicans want someone like Jeb Bush, or Marco Rubio to be in office.

There is another take on this that the American public should analyze.  Marco Rubio, or Jeb Bush are not striong enough to defeat Hillary Clinton, but Trump is that person that could defeat her.  Maybe this is the reason why Priebus wants a Bush, or Rubio to be the Republican Candidate.  If that were the case Clinton would win the election!

As this author has stated, Reince Priebus is guilty of interfering with a Federal Election.  There are Federal violations & State violations that he could be charged!  Under the Federal Crime of Election Fraud, Section 23.2.3, offenses involving conspiracy to deny voting rights, fraud, & willful misstatements are felonies punishable by more than a year in prison & large fines. Less serious offenses involving disruptive conduct & disobedience are misdemeanors punishable by up to 12 months in jail & smaller fines.  Campaign finance-related violations are often viewed as civil rather than criminal offenses. However, serious campaign finance offenses can be felonies. A finding of willfulness elevates the seriousness & generally increases the penalty.

Election offenses are in  three categories: official misconduct, fraud or interference with the registration or election process,  This defines what Priebus did in trying to rig the debate.  In this authors opinion, Priebus’s actions may have violated multiple election laws.


Reince Priebus creates poison pill for Trump pictured

There is also “official misconduct” on Reince Priebus trying to alter the debate to get a result that he wanted by hiring an audience to interfer with the debate itself.  This misconduct falls under Official Misconduct3 Section 23.2.4.  Misconduct is regarded as malfeasance due to the official duties assigned to Priebus.

There are more offenses when viewing Elections & Political Activities under USC Title 18 Chapter 29 Section 597, Expenditures to influence voting.  This was clearly what Priebus was attempting to accomplish with hiring people to create a false impression at the debate that could lead to voters not voting for Trump, but switching their vote to Jeb Bush!

It is clear that the establishment Republican Party Line can’t be trusted to represent their constituency under the title of business as usual in Washington, D. C.  Trump , or Cruz would not follow the Republican Party line.  This is what we need in 2017, to turn things around.

Proof of this is when the Republicans won the House & Senate.  They did nothing, but follow the establishment Republican Party Line that has led us to the situation we now face & what has been a problem in the past.  The ideology of the Republican Party changed dramatically in 2000.  One of the changes that proved this was when they changed the Republican Logo.


Republican Logo Stars pointing down

In 2000, the Bush Administration was taking office & at that time  the Republican Logo did change & not for the better.  The top of the star turned downward has a special meaning & it is not good.  It now represents a pentagram, or goats head that relates to Satan.  This also relates to the Illuminati, a group that claims  unusually enlightened.  One such group is the Skull & Bones organization that is comprised of many politicians!  The old symbol of the stars upright reflect man.  The symbol of man was for his welfare & goodness.  Isn’t it interesting how the government changed the way they deal with citizens at this point of change?

Proof of the change in the Republican Party is seen in the hiearchy of that party. Mitch McConnell is planning to sacrifice the 2016 Presidential election to Hillary Clinton if Donald Trump becomes the 2016 Republican Party nominee, McConnell is willing to destroy our country with a Hillary Clinton presidency to keep Donald Trump out of office.

If this were done, the Republican Party will be done!   If Hillary gets in office with the help of the Republican Party the principles of that party will be non-existent.  If Hillary were to get in the first thing she will do is to uphold ObmaCAIR.  The second thing she will do is to conviscate all guns in the united States & destroy our Constitution.  All these things are probably apparent to Mitch McConnell, but he would support Hillary based on his lack of reality!

If Mitch McConnell attempts to go against the American voters then he & others involved in trying to keep Trump from the nomination will be guilty of a felony.  The felony is Interfering With a Federal Election!  This author knows that these actions are coming from Reince Priebus another person that is guilty of interfering with a federal election!

This is proof positive why there should be term limits on Senators!  Senators should not hold office for 40 years as most of them have done!

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