Reasons Democrats Won’t Support President Trump



The Year 2020by Chris “Kit” Alexander

March 15, 2017

It is evident that Democrats are not in favor of Trumps policies and what he is trying to accomplish.  The answer is in multiple parts that have a wide range affecting their party, influence, finances, and much more.  The Democrats would have the nation suffer in order to maintain power regarding the Washington Establishment.

The Democrat basic ideology is prevalent in all that they say. An example of this was seen March 9, 2010, when Obamacare was in the Senate to be passed.  Nancy Pelosi stated that  “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it,”  Later she made an even more devastating statement when she said, “You don’t need God you have us Democrats.”  This is the true nature of Democrats!  The failure of Obamacare belongs totally to the Democrats because they would not permit the input of any Republicans on HR 3962, they own it all!

All the reasons why Democrats say they are against President Trump stinks along with their reasoning.  They will not tell you the real reasons why they are against President Trump and his  policies.

Some background history needs to be revisited at this point.  Two days before Carter was to pass his energy bill he gave a televised address.   On April 18, 1977, Jimmy Carter stated that, “We must not be selfish or timid if we hope to have a decent world for our children and grandchildren.”  Notice how liberals always bring in the children and grandchildren aspect to their argument.  He went on to say, why our oil couldn’t be refined in our country because it had too much sulphur in it.  This was the reason why he sold our oil to Japan.  Another lie by Jimmy Carter!  He knew about the Gull Island strike, but if the word got out his energy bill would not be necessary.

In 1976, the Gull Island oil discovery by Arco on the Northern slope of Alaska would proved to supply 200 years of oil.  This happened one year before Carter was claiming that our oil supplies would run out in a few years.

This gives us one of the reasons why Democrats don’t want Trump to succeed.  President Trump has opened the XL Pipeline that will bring Canadian oil to our country. The XL Pipeline leading into Canada was prevented by Obama.  The reason for it was that it would bring more jobs and prosperity to us. The only XL Pipeline Project Obama would approve is the one leading into Mexico and we know that Mexico would not benefit us with what little oil they possess.  The oil industry will flourish with President Trumps policies.  Our country for some time has been energy independent.  The government under other presidents has tried to hide this fact from the public.  Gull Island has 200% more oil than Saudi Arabia, Yemen, or Iran!  The Bakken discovery has even more oil than Gull Island!

It is not just the oil industry that will benefit from the Trump Administration.  The automobile industry, manufacturing, coal industry, etc will greatly benefit and once again bring in profits and jobs. All will benefit from the regulations that will be reduced to open the floodgates of industry.  Who will get the credit?  The Trump Administration!  What will this mean to the Democrats?

President Trump will bring the economy back to a highly profitable state, in spite of the damage done by Obama and the still present Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the Obama holdouts that are present in the Trump Administration, plus others that are trying to delegitimize his presidency.  This will, in turn, show the American public the true lack of creditability lacking in the Democratic Party.  All their efforts will be held in question when weighed against the future success of the Trump Administration.

The other point is that most of the Democrats belong to the DSA, Democrat Socialists of America. This organization is under the control of the Communist Party USA!  This organization was run by Carl Davidson, a radical from Chicago that belonged to the SDS in the 60’s.  Obama made Davidson his webmaster when Obama was in office.

Socialist values have no place in this country.  Socialism has failed throughout history period!  Democrats still hold on to the Socialist values in the DSA.

The stalling techniques of the Democrats and some Republicans like John “SongBird” McCain, Lindsey Graham, Lamar Alexander, and others show the fear they have if Trump succeeds.  This is why President Trumps Cabinet is still lacking the confirmation of 4 members to date.  Trump will succeed and when he does the Democrats will have their ideology exposed as true false truth backward thinking that has no place in the future.

The Democrat plan is to do what Obama attempted to do by having only one party in our system, the Democrat Party.  It will not be the Republican Party that loses out, but it will be the Democrat Party that will lose as they will blame others in their own party for the failure as they have done in many situations in the past.

Obama never produced more that .5-1.0 for our economy.  Trump, through his business savvy and his administration will bring the economy back to 3.5-4.3+.  This will be achieved because of what the Obama Administration failed to do with their destructive policies, ideologies, etc., compared to what the Trump Administration has done and will do!  What has Prsident trump done so far?  The stock market increased to an all time high with President Elect Trump.  This is because of the confidence level the American public has witnessed with Trump.  In February of this year jobs rose to an increase of 285,000, The stock market increased to 20,021, three trillion dollars increased in the stock market.  All done in 50 days!

Once again, the public will notice and realize that President Trump will have been more productive in a short period of time compared to the other presidents, especially Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Geo. H.W. Bush, Geo. W. Bush, and Obama combined!

The real reason that the Democrats are against President Trump is because he will end their “Gravy Train” of getting money and getting special favors to lobbyist groups that pander to them.  Trump will also “Drain the swamp” by creating term limits that will end the careers of these establishment types.  Most of all the Trump Administration, through their successful efforts, will show the American public that the Democrat Party is obsolete!

With President Trumps proposed budget and the ongoing success of his administration, Democrats will become more fearful and more adamant towards him.

This will create a situation imposed on the Democrats to rebuild their party.  In order to do this they will have to disavow the DSA, Communist Party USA, and other liberal groups.  The will have to return to the Democratic principles from years ago embracing a sense of cooperation with the principles we hold dear, our Constitution, and the Republican Party.  This author is of the opinion that they won’t be able to accomplish the latter!  The Democrat Party is drowning in liberalism and Socialism!  When will they be going down for the third time?  The answer is clear.  After the success of President Trumps Administration!

Their only hope is to reestablish themselves and their party in the 2020 election.  If you thought that the Democrats played dirty in the 2016 election, hold on to your hats!  The 2020 Election will determine if we have freedom, or devastation.  After all that the Trump Administration will have accomplished, we can’t afford to have the Democrats take control again.  We can’t afford to go back to a esoteric government that Obama tried to establish.  This is why President Trump will be reelected for a second term!

The 2020 Election will be more important than any other.

One other point about immigration and the effort President Trump is making to keep America safe.



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