Obama Toasts The Destruction Of America & Israel


by Chris “Kit” Alexander

July 15, 2015

It has been a long eight years that Obama has been in office & he is determined to uphold what he said in years past regarding his transformation of hope & change for America.  He is equally determined to install a legacy that people will long remember.  He need not worry about the latter because people that have been paying attention will remember all that he has done!  That will be his legacy!

His latest endeavor to destroy America & Israel is the Nuclear Deal with Iran.  All Obama has accomplished is to put Iran on the path to obtaining a nuclear weapon.  The next step for Obama would be to remove all sanctions against Iran making it easier to accomplish what they said they would do, destroy America & Israel!  This aligns his policy knowing the devastation it could cause to Israel.  When Obama was in Saudi Arabia June 3, 2009, he stated, “I need to take care of the medical situation in America & then I will show the Muslim world community what I will do with Israel.”  Obama has always kept his word when it has gone against our country, Constitution, & Israel.

What does Iran think of Obama?  They are getting everything they want & more!   Ali Younesi, senior advisor to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, stated that “Obama is an embarrassment & the weakest leader that he has witnessed in the Office of President! ”  Is it any wonder why the world has lost confidence in The United States of America.  Many other countries feel the same, especially The United Kingdom after Obama insulted them by returning the bust of one of their greatest leaders…….Winston Churchhill.

Could this author be mistaken about Obama?  Not hardly when reviewing Obama’s policies & who he is aligned with concerning his ideology.  He has admitted many times in the past that he is on the side of the Muslim agenda.  His policies reflect that especially when he gave the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt 1.5 million dollars before they took over the Egyptian government.  Obama’s inside information comes from his brother Malik Obongo Obama that is the International Investment Officer for the MB.

Using INSIGHT we see  further into Obama’s intent reflected in all his policies especially ObamaCAIR.  The abject unconstitutional effect of this policy is seen in sections 7201 & 7203.  This implies that people are forced to purchase medical insurance that is showing signs of being a “train wreck.” so stated by Max Baucus aka Max Sieben Enke, Democrat from Montana on April 17, 2013.  Further comments on this “train wreck” was stated by Kathleen Sebelius in a Wall Street Journal article, March 26, 2013.

The aspect of people FORCED to buy ObamaCAIR violates our Constitution.  This is seen in sections 7201 & 7203 previously stated.  Section 7201 states, it would be a felony under a willful evasion clause not to purchase the insurance.  The punitive part of this is punishable by a fine of up to $250,000 and/or imprisonment of up to five years. The absolute intrusion into our private lives by this administration doesn’t end with these individual mandates.

Section 7203 states, is classified as a misdemeanor.  The failure to pay the fine of 2.5 percent of a person’s household income is punishable by a fine of up to $25,000 and/or imprisonment of up to one year.  The fine of 2.5% supports Obama’s desire for the Muslim agenda in America.  One of the five pillars in Islam is Zakat, requiring everyone to give 2.5% of their income.  Obama gave a speech in Cairo, Egypt on June 4, 2009.  In that speech he stated, ” I’m committed to working with American Muslims to ensure that they can fulfill zakat.”  In reality he wants all Americans to perform Zakat; hence, in ObamaCAIR , Section 7203, he requires 2.5% as a fine.

ObamaCAIR was determined by Congress under the leadership of Obama, Pelosi, Reid, etc.  This directive was given to the Joint Committee on Taxation.  The only reason this debacle passed was because John Roberts changed specific language in the bill.  He used the word “TAX,” this changed everything!

ObamaCAIR encomppasses a degree of discrimination against the population of Christians & Conservatives.  How So?  Obama has exempted ALL MUSLIMS from this unconstitutional mess he calls ObamaCAIR.  The reason they are exempted is that they view insurance as gambling.  Anything to protect the Muslims, right Obama?

There is a situation that really shows Obama’s intent & that is when King Abdullah visited Obama in Washington to solicit his aid in terminating ISIL.  King Abdullah requested predatory drones after one of his pilots was burned alive by ISIl. OBAMA REFUSED to help King Abdullah of Jordan.  This clearly shows what side Obama favors.  More Proof is seen in Obama’s book, Audacity of Hope on page 261 published in 2006.  “If the political winds shift & things get ugly he will side with the Muslims.”  A direct action showing a violation of his Oath of Office regarding  his true loyalties.  Any loyalty violation can be identified with aiding & abetting the enemy.

New events will take place today that will have a lasting effect with the American public promulgated by Obama.  There will be military training for Martial Law today lasting until September 15th.  They have designated “Hostile” territories that are populated by Christians, Conservatives, & people that believe in our Constitution. These areas were assigned a color, RED!  They have also designated “FRIENDLY” areas that encompass the liberal population.  Their color is BLUE.  They originally stated that these operations would only encompass 7 states, but We the People knew that was a lie.  It will take place coast to coast & in this authors opinion will take place in more than 30 states.  On the heels of this operation the IMF with much influence from Obama will bring about another RESERVE CURRENCY.  This currency will be the Chinese Yuan as stated in a previous article.  This could be a trigger for many events taking place in the future.

Warning: This decision by the IMF & Obama’s attempt for this reserve currecncy to take place, will be the trigger for a possible Credit Collapse.  Credit is built on a house of cards because it is not real money.  There will be a situation where people will not be able to access ATM’s, bank accounts, etc.  The government, at this point, would stop all payments for Social Security recipients!  This author is not saying it will happen in days to come, but it will happen in the near future!

People need to realize the significance of the Yuan as a reserve currency.  The USD has always taken up 50%, or more of the reserve market.  The currency market is about 200-300 times larger than the stock market.  With the Yuan, our currency could be depreciated any where from 40%-55%. People in our country will lose a lot of their assets!  Many countries will be driven away from the USD!

What will be some of the effects that Americans will experience?  A lot of money has gone for technological advancements.  This will be restricted due to our dollar being depreciated.  It could cause a large increase in taxes needed to make up for that dpreciation of our dollars.  Over a period of time, our way of life could be restructured.  What we have taken for granted in the past could be considered a luxury in the future!

Mainland China several days ago sold a lot of their shares in other investments.  They have also stated that they will not purchase anything else until January 2016. Acquisitions that they will make in the future will probable be directed towards the United States.  This author sees their future acquisition in the form of our farmland & if that is the case it would appear that they are trying to regulate the food supply in America!  As stated previously This can be the other part of a trigger to create a possible run on banks & civil disobedience.  If that would take place Obama would declare Martial Law!  Hence, the purpose of Jade Helm 15!   If Martial Law were declared Obama could stay in office preempting any election for a period of time he would deem necessary!

Obama has influenced these events through his destructive policies in line with the United Nations & The IMF, International Monetary Fund ,headquartered in Washington, D.C. run by Christine Lagarda.  This move to make the Chinese Yuan the reserve currency is an event that will “spread the wealth.”  This is an attempt to “spread the wealth” as Obama has always wanted according to his ideology.  The IMF making the Yuan a reserve currency will trigger trillions of dollars to be distributed throughout the world virtually overnight!

Isn’t that what the Communist / Muslim, & One World Government dictator would like to see happen?  Obama gave a speech in 2014.  He stated “ordinary men & women are too small minded to govern their own affairs.  He goes on to say, “that the order & progress can only come when  they surrender their rights to an all powerful sovereign.”  Obama refers to America & the men & women that have won ever war we were engaged in, liberating 41 countries as small minded people. It would take a truly small minded person like Obama not to realize the exceptionalism of these people that have built America!   America has given opportunity & freedom tthat hey would not have, if not for this country; therefore, this author wants the public to know that the only small mindedness is seen in Obama himself!  This author has further created a quote that applies to Obama.  This quote was assigned to my first book,Truth The Political Answer Dangerous Times Ahead, The Republic will not be destroyed by smallness of minds regardless of their origin.  In the second book, Two Truths Two Justices, the other quote I created is, The True fate of a Nation is its ability to direct a course for FREEDOM & LIBERTY without becoming divided in the process.  This is what Obama has attempted to do in every aspect…divide us as a people & a Nation.  What would you expect from a miscreant,  a liar, & a traitor like Obama that thinks our motto for America is E pluribus unum, out of many, one.  Our motto for America is something Obama doesn’t recognize, “In GOD We Trust!’

Obama’s desire for a One World Government will create One World Disorder underscored with more poverty.  A One world Order is not what our forefathers & military personnel sacrificed for in times of peril!

Installing a New World Order can ONLY mean that the power, prestige, & the Constitution that encompasses our FREEDOM has to be rendered ineffective.  So goes this, So goes America, So goes our children’s lives.

Obama is a traitor to this country!  Obama has ignored our Constitution on all occasions & has lied on every occasion to deceive the American public.  He even tried to put forth a bill while in the Illinois Senate to disavow the 10th amendment, fortunately, it failed!!  The future for Americans rests in the hands of its citizens, present & future.  This author believes there are enough Americans to turn this around in the future, but it must happen before 2020.

William O. Douglas was an Associate Justice in the Supreme Court  from April 15, 1939 to November 12, 1975, he stated, “Common Sense often makes good law.”  Amen!

Where is the Common Sense of policies Obama has created?  Where is the common sense in letting Iran get a nuclear weapon after they have stated, Death to America & Death to Israel?  Where is the common sense in the appointments Obama has made placing devout Muslims in key positions of our government that have ties to terrorists & terrorist groups?  Where is the common sense in the appointments of Obama Czars that have Communist ties & hatred for America, stating that the worlds problems are because of the way America does business?  Where is the common sense of another misguided policy of Obama in the TransPacific Trade Agreement?  Where is the common sense in cancelling the CAPPS Program that assisted in rrecognizing potential terrorists that attempt to board commercial airlines?  Where is the common sense in ObamaCAIR that has destroyed medical coverage by driving up costs significantly?  Where is the common sense in appointing Ben Scott a devout Communist to our State Department giving him access to sensitive information?  Where is the common sense in spending trillions on a Stimulus Program that never created any jobs?

Where is the common sense of unfreezing the assets of terrorist organizations like KindHearts & OIC when they are still engaged in & identified as terrorist groups under executive order 13672?  Their assets have been frozen since 2002!

Where is the common sense of Obama writing an executive order 13490, for executive behavior & violating it himself?  Where is the common sense of bringing  Imam Talal Eid, a known supporter of the Muslim World League into our government under eo 13498?  The MWL is the second head of terrorism next to MB.  February 5, 2009, Obama appoints Imam Talal Eid, a self admitted terrorist of MWL (Muslim World League), as the head of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom.

Where is the common sense that Obama would approve Hillary Clinton & John Kerry to remove active terrorist groups off the terrorist list?

Where is the common sense that Obama views the American Flag as a symbol of oppression while the rest of the world views it as a symbol of Freedom?

Hillary Clinton took Mujahadine Khalq, & its aliases off the Specially Designated Global Terrorist List when she was Secretary of State.  John Kerry followed that same action as Secretary of State when he recently took  Lask-e-Taiba aka Lashkar-e-Tayyiba off Global Terrorist List  as of June 13, 2014.  This group is one of the largest & most active terrorist organizations in South Asia that operates from Pakistan.  Taking terrorist organizations off the terrorist list is an act of treason that violates our national security.

Where is the common sense of Obama trying to destroy the one entity that has benefitted other Nations & peoples of the world…..America?




















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