Obama Is A Muslim



Obama going into Mosque for Islamic Prayer

by Chris “Kit” Alexander

September 19, 2015

This author as early as 2007, has said Obama is a Muslim!  Through various venues this author has brought to light this issue.  Through two radio shows, USA Defenders Keeping America Informed, USA Unified Strength In America Returning to Gods Principles, 21 televisions shows, four books, & 141 articles published on various websites & newspapers throughout the country.

It has become increasingly evident to the majority of people that have been paying attention that Obama is a Muslim.  This article will be directed to those that don’t believe he is a Muslim & documentation for those that know he is a Muslim!  Further documentation is found in my books, Truth The Political Answer Dangerous Times Ahead & Two Truths Two Justices.


The books & this article will  address specific quotes that Obama has made, even his public affirmation that he is a Muslim!  Obama’s  executive orders & other actions show his beliefs supporting the premise of this article.

The question is would people believe Obama is a Muslim if he admitted it publically?  Obama has admitted it & admitted it he did…..many times.  In 2006, Obama stated in his book, Ahdacity Of Hope, on page 261, ” If the political winds shift & things get ugly I will side with the Muslims.”

More proof is readily available where his true character is known.  On September 7, 2007, he stated on Meet The press, “If I’m elected I will disarm America to a level of acceptance of our Middle Eastern brethren.”

January 18, 2010, Obama was on Nile TV.  It was on his visit to Cairo, Egypt where he stated on a show entitled The Roundtable, “I swear I am a Muslim.  My father was a Muslim, my stepfather was a Muslim, my brother is a Muslim & I am loyal to the Muslim agenda.” A special note is that Obama’s brother, Malik Obongo Obama is the International Investment Officer for the Muslim Brotherhood.

In addition to that statement, Obama also said on June 4, 2009, he wanted all Muslims in America to be able to participate in Zakat.  There are eight paths in Zakat.  One of the paths leads to Allah which has been proven to finance terrorism worldwide!

What is the Muslim agenda?  Simply put it is the destruction of Christianity, America, & Israel!  The agenda encapsulates various elements that would be classified as “crimes against humanity”, crimes against women, & direct violation pertaining to God’s Principles & Laws!  The very foundation of civilized society in Western Civilization is founded upon God’s Laws & the Judeo / Christian Principles established in our Constitution.  This is the bedrock of America!

The Muslim agenda also requires the destruction of this nations history & tradition!  This is why Obama would not permit surplus M-1 rifles stored in South Korea to be put up for sale in America.  It is about the history & tradition relating to that rifle.

During the second inaugural parade Obama made the contingency of Marines take the bolts out of their M-1 rifles before passing in review of Obama.

History & tradition are  extremely important as we all know.  Look what happened in the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra when ISIL destroyed all references to Biblical monuments.  Replacement of our history & tradition would result in the extinction of our Judicial System.  Shari’ah Law would replace our present system of justice. Shari’ah Law is a system akin to crimes against humanity not relegated to mercy, compassion, or positive justice, only negative aspects that a civilized society will not tolerate!  Their punishments are referred to as Hadds.  Hadds include being stoned to death, decapitations, amputations, whippings, various forms of torture, female genital mutilations, & even driving a truck over an eight year old boys arm to crush it.

Obama has refused to use the phrase “under God while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance on many occasions.  The most recent was  September 17, 2010, Obama refused to acknowledge God as the Creator at the  Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute at their annual awards banquet in Washington, D. C.  On October 18, 2010, Obama further refuses to acknowledge GOD at a fundraiser for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) in Rockville, Maryland.  The lack of reverence to God the Creator occurred a total of three times to date.  This lack of acknowledgement was seen when Obama refused to say the phrase UNDER GOD when the Pledge of Allegiance was spoken. So much for his pretense of being a Christian !

Another example of his dedication to being a Muslim was September 25, 2010, when he cancelled The Christian Day of Prayer substituting it with The Muslim Day of Prayer.  What shows is Obama’s true intent in the fact that he had Anwar Hajjaj, a terrorist associated with Gregory Meeks a Democrat in New York leading 50,000 Muslims in Islamic prayer in Washington, D.C.

More violations of Gods Laws are seen when Obama created executive order 13505, Removing Barriers to Responsible Scientific Research Involving Human Stem Cells.  The barriers that are removed relate to specific guidelines regarding Gods Laws.  Obama not only has violated our Constitution, but many of God’s Laws as well.  Obama strictly believes in partial birth abortions!  He condones the termination of a baby outside of the womb when an abortion is unsuccessful.  A rational mind can only call it murder!

On February 5, 2009, Obama through executive order 13498, supports a Muslim that is part of the MWL, Muslim World League.  The league is the second  most dangerous terrorist organization in the world.  Imam Talal Eid was appointed to the Commission on Internarional Religious Freedom.  Others appointed to that same executive order on June 25, 2009, were Farhan Pandith as a Special Representative to Muslim Communities & Dahlia Mogahed, a devout Muslim, as President’s Council on Faith-Based & Neighborhood Partnerships.

On June 4, 2009, Obama said, “I have known Islam on three continents before coming to the region where it was first revealed. That experience guides my conviction that partnership between America & Islam must be based on what Islam is, not what it isn’t.” First, whatever guides ones conviction becomes their agenda. The agenda leads to a question according to Obama’s words “What Islam is, not what it isn’t.” What is Islam?  Islam doesn’t respect human rights as we see in the treatment of women. There is no mercy, or compassion evident in their teachings. The punishments, or hadds, would be classified as cruel & unusual punishment subject to crimes against humanity.  Now, what Islam isn’t.  Islam isn’t the religion of peace, it is the Culture of Death!

More proof that Obama will bring the Islamic way of life to America is seen in using the U. S. Emergency Immigration & Migration Fund & The Intercountry Adoption Act of 2000, bringing in hundreds of thousand of Muslim from around the world.  Obama’s most recent acquisition of Muslims into our country happened in 2013.  Obama brought in 80,000 Muslims promising to pay each of them $100,000 a year for the next 5 years.  Doing the math we find that this will cost the American taxpayer $ 40 BILLION!

in his ties to other Muslims throughout the world In Kenya, Raila Odinga is a strong supporter of Shariah law.  Obama has a close relationship with his cousin, Odinga as he instructed him in the strategy of politics. If you lose a campaign start riots to gain control was Odinga’s answer to Obama. Raila Odinga has many ties to the Muslim world.

On June 5, 2009, Obama appointed  Kareem Shopa, Arif Alikhan, & David Heyman, all devout Muslims to the Homeland Security Advisory Board.  They set all policy for DHS.  Others he has appointed are Rashid Hussein, the White House attorney.  Hussein has terrorist ties to Samir Al Arian, a convicted terrorist.

In 2010 Obama brought in 13 Shari’ah compliant attorneys into the White House under a fellowship program.  These are to be used at a later date!

The true fact is that our government has been overthrown by Obama’s appointments.  He has replaced our government creating an esoteric government with devout Muslims in every key position.  Obama has even appointed 9000 Muslims as IRS Agents!

One of many circumstance to come about is what I stated back in 2009, when Obama wanted to fill the government with 8000 more Muslims.  He appointed Jihad Selah Williams aka Jihad F. Selah from the CMSA to screen only Muslims for these positions.  Jihad F. Selah has terrorist ties to Anwar Hajjaj through George Meeks, a Democrat from New York.  Jihad Selah Williams worked for George Meeks at one time.  Meeks was a friend that intoduced Hajjaj to Jihad F. Selah.

I stated in 2010, on my radio show USA Defenders Keeping America Informed & my other radio show USA Unified Strength In America Returning To God’s Principles that these 8000 Muslims would become IRS Agents.  What better way to control the population than through their finances.  In addition, what better way to confiscate real estate, money, & other property of value, all in the name of ObamaCAIR, HR 3962.

This was no surprise when this author found an article from The Daily Signal dated February 5, 2015.  The article stated that 9000 Muslims would be implemented as IRS Agents.  I stated in 2009, that 8000 Muslims would become IRS Agents.  It appears Obama has increased it by 1000.  My prediction came six years later.

With all of the overwhelming evidence it can’t be denied that Obama is anything, but a Muslim & as he says he is loyal to the Muslim agenda!  Obama can’t deny that he has suppressed the American people while assisting Muslims here & around the world.

On Easter of every given year Obama has never related the importance of that time, but on April 26, 2011, Obama spoke directly to the people on Nowruz, the Persian New Year that Iranians celebrate.  Obama spoke to Iranians, assuring them that, “though times may seem dark, I want you to know that I am with you.”

If we look at ObamaCAIR, HR 3962, Obama forced American’s against the Constitution to buy ObamaCAIR.  The only group he exempted from this train wreck were Muslims.  What was The Muslims excuse that Obama honored?  Muslim don’t believe in insurance & since ObamaCAIR is insurance he exempted every Muslim in America.

Obama’s Muslim ideology leads to a false truth backward thinking mindset.  He claims that the motto for America is E Pluribus Unum.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  Obama doesn’t even understand the true motto of America.  Our motto is IN GOD WE TRUST.

Showing more backward thinking of Obama & Michelle is very evident.  During the Pledge of Allegiance the right hand is extended over the heart to show sincerity & reverence for our flag & country.  Not so with Obama & Michelle……………….  


Obama & Michelle not understanding the significance of our Flag

This picture is taken from my book Truth The Political Answer Dangerous Times Ahead, Chapter 7, page 28.  

May GOD protect the United States of America from all the damage the Obama Administration has inflicted on this country!  In the 2016 election I would encourage  everyone to vote as if your life, your childrens lives, & your grandchildrens lives depend on it………………….. because it does!

We need to return to a society that enforces the laws already established, not the laws that have been ignored with Obama & his miscreants.  We can’t afford to short change either of these ladies!



                              GOD is in control!

 Hebrews 10:38-39







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