Obama & Hillary Clinton Can’t Escape Culpability


Hillary Clinton Kissing Obama Is this distancing yourself Hillary ?

Hillary & Obama Share the same Ideolgy

by Chris “Kit” Alexander

September 30, 2016


There have been many people around the country that have stated, “Obama & Hillary Clinton gets away with everything.”  What stems from these comments are violations of our Constitution.  This may be the case for now, but what about the future?

Obama & Hillary Clinton blame others for outcomes that are clearly directed by the Office of President & The Secretary of State, even the most overt, or covert actions. Hillary blames everything it seems on imaginary right wing conspiracies, even the perverted affairs of Bill Clinton!

Obama had meetings in the White House with high level people within the IRS & subsequently the Conservative groups were being interrogated when applying for a 501 (c) (3) status.  It also occurred in 2009, in a very clandestine event when Obama brought Google into the White House for meetings.  This meeting has spawned several events that Google will comply with regarding Obama’s plans.  Shortly after that meeting, Google started tracking private citizens by capturing information through their servers.  Other incidents of questionable judgement was realized in the secret meetings Obama held regarding Solyndra with the prime investor, George Kaiser!  Solyndra put the American taxpayer on the hook for 435 million dollars.  In this authors opinion solyndra was used as a  “money drop.”

Let us not forget when the phone records from Verizon were taken over by the Obama Administration.  This author is bringing this particular violation into light because there are many other code violations that are born from culpability.

Yes, there have been many violations that Obama & Hillary hasve committed concerning The Constitution & our USC Titles!  Obama violated the Constitution when he declared that Chaplains are not permitted to use the word Jesus, & other military personnel aren’t permitted to share their faith with one another.  This is clearly a First Amendment violation.

Regarding the faith issue Hillary stated that faith has to change in this country. This is a violation of our First Amendment rights.  She went on to violate our Second Amendment to our Constitution when she was in support of Res. 2117.

In the next step citizens will probably be arrested for a “Crime of Opinion,” much like Chavez did to those that differed from his opinion.  This would only be a tactic to sequester truth from their actions!

Obama & Hillary Clinton may not always be able to avoid culpability in the future.  What is the meaning & exactness of culpability?

In USC Title c 18 Chapter 3 Section 302 & 307 it can be explained.  Under section (c) Culpability required unless otherwise provided.–”When the culpability sufficient to establish a material element of an offense is not prescribed by law, such element is established if a person acts intentionally, knowingly or recklessly with respect thereto.”

Consider the executives orders & policies Obama that were past down to hillary Clinton.  These orders & policies have been written endangering our economy, family values, The Constitution, private business sector, privacy issues, etc.  Since executive orders & policies reflect specifics in language, it can’t be denied that Obama didn’t knowingly create these with the intent of a specific outcome by his design, hence Obamacare.  Obamacare is the after thought of Hillarycare.

Creating 20 Trillion in debt can only jeopardize the gross national product & future generations.  Now that the debt ceiling has been raised look for the debt to increase significantly!  This author is stating that the total debt ceiling should not have been increased for 6 months.  Why?  Obama will drive up the debt, in my opinion, up to 25-28 Trillion will be added, outstripping our gross national product driving us into potential bankruptcy!  Even if the debt ceiling were extended for one month that would equally be as dangerous because of the intentions of Obama.

Another policy that works against our economy is HR 2454, Cap & Trade.  Obama even violated his own executive order 13490, that deals with the aspect of not hiring anyone that isn’t experience, qualified, or competent for the job they were hired to perform.  This is contained in section 6 of executive order 13490.  It was violated when he assigned Czars.  Example: John Holdren, the Science Czar.  He has no science experience & shows no competence when he stated that trees should be able to sue humans.  The other Czars exhibit the same lack of experience for the jobs they were given.  Another example is Lynn Rosenthal, a vicious anti male feminist.  She was appointed the Domestic Violence Czar.  She stated that all males should be castrated.

We the People can’t disregard HR 3962, Obamacare!  This is one of the most dangerous policies that will do more to destroy the economy & welfare of this country & its citizens & Hillary is in agreement with this plan!

Looking at the other aspects of USC Title 18 Chapter 3 Paragraph 307 we gain an indisputable understanding of culpability in subsection (e).  It reads, “Persons acting or under a duty to act for organizations.

  1. A person is legally accountable for any conduct he performs or causes to be performed in the name of a corporation or an unincorporated association or in its behalf to the same extent as if it were performed in his own name or behalf.”

There are many organizations that Obama & Hillary Clinton support that actively supports their radical causes, even some that contribute to terrorism!  The Woods Fund is one that Obama actively works with to promote their subversive views regarding Communism.  Hillary receives money from several terrorist groups given to The Clinton Global Initiative Foundation, Bill Clinton Foundation, etc.

Hillary Clinton works hand in hand with many terrorists & supporters of terrorists especially the ones connected to Dubai through the Clinton Global Initiative Foundation that is used as a blind financial draw.  Along with many other Clinton foundations they can move tremendous amounts of funds to other entities in an effort to hide money.  The other tenacles that the Clintons have established are many.  The Clinton Health Access Initiative  established in 2010, the Clinton Global Initiative reintegrated after 2013, Clinton Global Initiative University, the Clinton Climate Initiative, the Clinton Development Initiative, the Clinton Economic Opportunity Initiative, the Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative, the Clinton Health Matters Initiative, Heifer International, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation,  the No Ceilings Project, Clinton Presidential Center, & the Wiliiam J. Clinton Foundation.

The establishment of these foundations has a multi purpose in collecting funds to be used for some charity work, but for other purposes as well.  These funds will be used to financed Hillary’s campaign.  Half of the donors are bundlers from the 2008 campaign & companies that are for her election.  Many of these are foreign contributors that could not go through the legal channels to donate to Hillary’s campaign fund.

The Alliance For Civilizations, Islamic Supremacist Group, is another that Obama joined on May 12, 2010, in support of the Muslim agenda!  John Esposito is the United Nations Ambassador for Alliance For Civilizations.  This group is only the cover name for a more dangerous organization that has been mentioned in previous articles on this website.

Hillary supports Mujahadine Khalq & its aliases when she removed them from the Specially Designated Global Terrorist List.  This unblocks their financial assets according to executive order 13224.  Se was also instrumental in getting several subjects related to terrorism back into the United States.  These people are Adam Habib & the grandson, Tariq Ramadan, of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood.  The founders name was Hassan!  Tariq Ramadan is connected to Georgetown Univ. & supported by John Esposito a prof, at that university.  They lecture about Islam in the Al Waleed bin Tala Center for Muslim & Christian Understanding.  This center at Georgetown Univ was financed by The Muslim Brotherhood!

Further evidence of Obama & Hillary’s shared ideology is seen with their associations with the AAAN, Arab American Action Network headed by Ali Abunimah.  Abunimah has expressed his anti – semetic views about Israel & his favor of being pro – Palestinian in the Chicago Sun Times several years ago.  Obama related to Ali Abunimah at the time of the 2008 campaigning in Chicago when he told Abunimah to “Keep up the good work.”

Rashid Khalidi is a personal friend of Barack Obama and a Professor at Columbia University in Middle East studies. He is very pro Palestinian and anti Israel. Khalidi supports suicide bombings against Israel and from 1976 to 1982 he was involved with the PLO as being their official press agent through WAFA in Beirut. Fund raisers were done for Obama by Khalidi in the elections for his Senate seat in Chicago. Another friend of Obama is Siraj Wahhaj, an unindicted co conspirator in the 1993, WTC bombing case.

Hatem El Hady was deemed a terrorist in 2002, during the Holy Land Foundation trials through his organization entitled KindHearts.  Hady is also a close friend of Michelle & Barak Obama.  Many more friends of Obama & other associations can be viewed on YouTube.   Other close friends of Obama can be mentioned in the article, Two Peas In A Pod.

Culpability issues for Obama & Hillary Clinton will be reflected in other charges such as Fraud, False statements, Perjury, Official Oppression, Aiding & Abetting, Execution of public duty, Deprivation of Rights, Disloyalty, Concealing, or Compounding Offenses, Violation of Oath of Office, Gross Mismanagement, Derelict in the performance of duties, Defrauding the United States, False Swearing, & USC Title 18 Part 1 Chapter 115 Sections 2381, 2383-2390, Treason, Sedition, & Seditious Conspiracy!

In perpetuity, the Truth always emerges!  The legacy of Obama will not be what he expects.  The outcome for Hillary will be paired with Obama!  In his mind there will be a specific legacy, but the actual legacy attached to fact & reality will be very different, as it will be for Hillary!

Even more culpability is related to a comment made by Obama on September 24, 2012.  Obama personally attacked people that refuse the notion of Shari’ah Law in this country & the principles of Islam in infiltrating our culture.  He spoke to the United Nations General Assembly in New York, stating, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”  The future?  What is in Obama’s plans in the future regarding Shari’ah Law & his prophet, Mohammed?

Hillary’s comments on most issues reflect a dishonest approach & a lack of humanity regarding women’s rights, lives lost in Benghazi, her arrival in Bosnia when she falsely claimed she was under sniper fire.  In fact, she was greeted by a little girl with flowers, not snipers.  This is more proof of her inability to state the Truth!  It appears that Obama & Hillary Clinton are the perfect pair as both are sociopathic liars!  What is a Sociopath?  Websters dictionary defines it as  someone who behaves in a dangerous or violent way towards other people & does not feel guilty about such behavior.

The question is, Have Obama & Hillary Clinton acted according to the definition of a sociopath?  It appeared that Hillary didn’t feel guilty about  the four lives lost in Benghazi when she stated, “What difference does it make?”

Hillary’s record speaks for itself.  It is a record of failure & destruction as exhibited in the Benghazi debacle where 4 American lives were lost due to her & Obama’s reputed negligence.  The Secretary of State is responsible for creating policy that preserves & protects American citizens & our National Security.  Our National Security is in jeopardy due to poor implementation of policies executed by Hillary Clinton.  In fact, she has been the worst Secretary of State in the past number of years!  Her attitude regarding the Benghazi situation was one of insult to the American people when she said, “What difference does it make.”

Where exactly does her allegiance lie?  Knowing her character she goes for the money no matter where it originates, whether it be from terrorists, or terrorist organizations.  This is supported by the fact that in 2006-2007, she had two terrorists do fund raidsers for her, Yaquib Mirza & Omar Ashraf, but there was a third one that needs to be brought out.  The third one is Yasin Qaidi, the financier for Al-Qaeda.

More will appear in another article to be published later. For now, this statement qualifies Obama & Hillary Clinton for the recognition of whose side are they working hard to support.  It further validates this authors view that Obama & Hillary have always wanted to bring Shari’ah Law from Islam into the United States & to destroy our economy.  Hillary stated in 2015, that she supports res 16/18, by passing additional legislation that further prohibits any violence to be associated with Islam!

Obama has worked to  overthrow our government.  He has placed devout Muslims in every key position of our government.   Obama & Hillary through their shared ideologies placed 9000 devout Muslims as IRS agents.   This qualifies them under USC Title 18 Part 1 Chapter 115 Sections 2381, 2383-2390, Treason, Sedition, & Seditious Conspiracy along with many other events, compounding this charge!  Proof of these statements has been presented in many articles on this website & in both books, Truth The Political Answer & Two Truths Two Justices.

When is the American public going to wake up & realize that their Nation is in peril with Harison J.  Bounel aka Barry Soetoro aka Barak Hussein Obama & Hillary Clinton occupying, but not fulfilling  the offices they were given & the oaths they took!  If hillary Clinton were to get into office in 2016, this will prove to be an extension of the “false truth backward thinking that Obama & Hillary Clinton share! It will also be the destruction of our Constitution, our Republic, & our way of life as we know it!

In this authors opinion, God forbid, if Hillary were to get in office she will significantly raise  taxes for corporations, impose sever regulations, raise taxes on  American public, & specific conservative groups that she will target that opposed her during the election.  The Clinton Crime Family will place heavy exactions on industry reducing Americas ability to function as a supreme leader on the world stage.

The severe damage, in addition to everything stated before will be the appointment of four Supreme Court Justices.  Can you imagine the appointments Hillary will make based on her character?

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