McCain and The Corrupt Washington Establishment

by Chris “Kit” Alexander

February 14, 2017

John McCain graduated from The Naval Academy ranking at the very bottom of his class, 5th out of 900 students.  He continued to show his lack of skill during his tenure as a pilot when he crashed five jets.  He also was responsible for killing a Phatom F-4 pilot on board the USS Forrestal and 167 crewmen as well due to his actions.  This happened when he cold started his SkyHawk jet.  This is a technique that was not warranted as standard operating procedure. This procedure caused the Phantom A-4 to launch a rocket from the rear F-4 puncturing McCains fuel tanks, in turn it knocked a 1000 pound bomb off its mounting resulting in an explosion and hugh fire.

About McCain being a hero, NO WAY!

McCain due to his negligence was immediately transferred to the USS Oriskany without any Court Martial due to his father being a Four Star Admiral.

John “SongBird” McCain’s personal life is on the level of his actions while in the military.  McCain earned the name “SongBird” given to him by the other POW pilots.  This was because McCain gave the enemy vital information when he was first tortured. Later he did 32 videos denouncing the United States of America for the NVA!  This author having been in the Marine Corps has a name for McCain.  We called people like this “ShitBirds.”  Going forward into McCains personal and political life he lives up to that name!

McCain’s political career was sponsored by the Lansky-Bronfman syndicate, it is no coincidence McCain recently traveled to London where Lord Jacob Rothschild of the international banking empire raised money among American expatriates on McCain’s behalf.  Rothschild has long been allied with the Bronfman crime family as major patrons of Israel.

When John McCains first wife became ill, John McCain sought to get rid of her in favor of his mistress Cindy Lou Hensley worth $200 million.  Through this connection McCains political career was promoted by his wife’s father, James Willis Hensley who was connected to the national organized crime syndicate. John McCain settled in Arizona in 1982.  McCain’s father-in-law, James Willis Hensley, was the top lieutenant for Kemper Marley, the Lansky syndicate’s chief Arizona operative who acted, in turn, as the front man for the organization.

Kemper Marley worked with Meyer Lansky and his powerful crime members, the Bronfman family of Montreal.  The Bronfman family were key players in the Lansky syndicate.  During Prohibition, the Canadian-based Bronfmans supplied and controlled liquor given to the Lansky syndicate partners in the United States, including Al Capone in Chicago.

This is the background of John “SongBird  / “ShitBird” McCain.  His background shares the likes of Harry Reid, Bill Clinton, Obama, Hillary Clinton and many others that consider themselves the Washington Establishment.  It is not surprising that John McCain voted against the repeal of Obamacare.  This brings in the aspect of Character.  Character is the main issue to weed out corruption in Washington, D.C.  President Trump is attempting to rid our system of these types of people that breed corruption and misuse of our government at the expense of each citizen.  McCain collected a fortune when he had 150 lobbyists working in his campaign that netted him $10,000,000,.  This is where politicians like McCain collect a lot of money becoming wealthy before leaving office.  This is the reason they don’t want to leave office and will resort to “any” means to stay in office.

It is not surprising that the ones speaking out against Trump are the very ones that  are so corrupt in their personal and political lives.  It is predictable that they act the way they do because they want the money train to keep coming through their special interest deals and influences that are tied to the political office they hold.  Without the political positions they would lose their effectiveness.

President Trump can effectively render the Washington Establishment null and somewhat void once he rids his administration of the people causing leaks.  The next step is to limit the effectiveness of certain politicians working against putting America first.  The only way to accomplish this is to tell the truth and initiate term limits.

Others that are involved in trying to demean the Trump Administration are Governor Jerry Brown of California.  He blasted Trump in a speech a short while ago and shortly after asked Trump for Federal Funds to take care of the Oroville Dam problem.  Brown knew this problem existed many years ago and did nothing.  Now he will try to blame Trump if the dam collapses, but it will not be Trumps fault, it will be Jerry Brown’s fault for not acting on this situation as Governor of California when the problem was brought to him many years ago.

Brown will further blame Trump for cutting off Federal funds if he chooses to remain a Sanctuary State.  Governor Brown should recognize that a violation of Federal Law can result in losing those funds and a possible term in prison.

Rahm Emmanuel the Mayor of Chicago, Mayor of San Francisco Edwin Mah Lee, Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York, and others that refuse to abide by Federal Law will fall under severe scrutiny if they insist upon remaining as a Sanctuary city.  They have been duly warned!  Their actions will spur a rapid increase in taxes because of the federal funds being taken away.  The deficit will have to come from a sharp increase in taxes to offset the loss of Federal Funds.  The cost of protecting ILLEGAL ALIENS is not worth the price each citizen will pay directly, or indirectly.  

Our Constitution protects the rights of legal citizens, not people entering our country illegally.  This is the same Constitution that the Washington Establishment has forgotten, or ignored in the execution of their oaths for political office.  If they ignore the Constitution they are the ones that will fall under the wrath of Jurisprudence.  President Trump has not forgotten The Constitution, but the others have that are trying to delegitimize his presidency.

Thomas Jefferson spoke about this very issue.  He stated

Thomas Jefferson

It is obvious who the people are that are creating danger to American freedom by ignoring The Constitution, it is the Washington Establishment with the people named in this article that are trying to delegitimize The Trump Administration. More to the point, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Marco rubio, Carlos Curbelo, John Kaisich, & Paul Ryan,are receiving money from George Schwartz aka George Soros to delegitimize President Trump.  This is totally illegal for them to do so as it violates the Conflict of Interest law & 7 other USC Titles as related to U.S. Senators & their behavior!

One other point about George Soros is that he is grooming a Muslim by the name of  Abdul el-Sayed for the 2020 Election. Soros wants to see American destroyed along with the other miscreants.

It is easier to win a fight when you have right on your side.  That is why President Trump and the American people will win!


Proverbs 11:3-4  The crookedness of the treacherous destroys them.  Riches do not profit in the day of wrath, but the wicked fall by their own wickedness. 


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