The Liberal Mindset

 Liberals relentlessly undermine the most important principles on which our freedoms were founded.

by Chris “Kit” Alexander

March 24,2017

The liberal mindset is a study unto itself.  Many liberals present a veneer of knowing all there is to know. They are summarily wrong due to their false truth backward thinking mindset.

One example of a liberal is Shirley Jackson Lee that occupies a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.  Lee stated March 13, 2014, “The Constitution is 400 years old.”  If that were the case it would have to have been drafted in 1614,162 years before its inception!

Nancy Pelosi, another liberal, made a statement showing her ignorance when she said, “You don’t need God you have us Democrats.”  Pelosi made this statement February 20, 2009,  “I went to Catholic school throughout my whole academic life. In fact, my children – my husband and I and our children in my own family now have over 100 years of Catholic education among us.”  The 100 years of education obviously hasn’t worked because Pope Benedict would not have seen fit to give her an excommunication warning based on her speech and actions. 

Obama, another liberal, stated Sepember 7, 2007 on Meet The press, “If I’m elected I will disarm America to a level of acceptance of our Middle Eastern brethren.”  Prior to that 2006, he stated that “When the politcal winds shift and things get ugly I will side with the Muslim.”  He further stated on January 18, 2010, “I swear I am a Muslim.  My father was a Muslim, my stepfather is a Muslim, my brother is a Muslim, and I am loyal to the Muslim Agenda.”

Alcee Hastings, another liberal, stated yesterday ( March 23, 2017 ) at the Congressional Hearing on the replacement of Obamacare, the only reason Obamacare is failing was because of the Republicans not participating in the drafting of HR 3962.  Hastings obviously in his liberal mind that he sees as reality, doesn’t realize Obama closed the Republicans out completely.  Obama owns all of the failure!  This is why they voted on Obamacare at midnight to push it through.

Liberalism has been classified as a mental disorder by prominent psychologists.  This relates to the mental dynamics of the mind.  The idea of Social Justice is what liberals cling to in conversation.  They claim we need this element in our society.  Guess what?  Social Justice is presented in the Preamble to the Constitution and The Constitution as well!  What they say we need is what we already have. Another element not recognizing reality.

The other element they hold dear is the aspect of a Eutopia. This term is stated as an imaginary element lending itself to perfection in society.  First of all, if it’s imaginary it can’t be connected to fact, or reality.  Second, there is no perfection in any society.  When compared to the definition of TRUTH we discover that it is fact connected to reality.  Liberalism is removed from reality because they have a reality of their own.

In conversation liberals when they can’t defend their position will talk over their opponent. The effort is to not listen to an opposing thought.  The number one rule of a good communicator is to be a good listener, something liberals have a hard time doing if at all!

There are many liberals in Congress, especially in the Democrat Party aligned with The Communist Party USA.  This is why a strong majority of Democrats belong to the DSA, Democrat Socialists of America.  Carl Davidson heads up the DSA.  He is a radical that was associated with the SDS, a radical group in the 60’s.  He has ties to Barack Hussein Obama that go back to 1996.

When we look at cities under the leadership of liberals we see a great degree of failure in the running of those cities.  Detroit, Chicago, San Francisco, Oakland, New York, etc. have everything from budget problems to high crime rates and it’s getting worse.

Liberals need to think in terms of qualitative analysis, not quantitative analysis.  They also need to return to reality knowing that fact is based on Truth!

One last thought.  Why is every radical organization run by Liberals?  This answers the question!


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