KCPT TV Continued

by Chris “Kit” Alexander

March 18, 2016

This author has attempted to contact the executive producer of Muslims In The Metro on multiple occasions.  The purpose was to clarify why Dalia Mogahed & Mohammed Majid were representative of a moderate Muslim view.  They claimed their goal was only for assimilation into our culture by all Muslims!

When viewing their true nature it is obvious that this is not the case.  It is a matter of record that both are connected to terrorism & terrorist groups!  Dalia Mogahed & Mohammed Majid have the same ideology as both support Jihad, domination, & Shari’ah Law.  Majid is the former head of ISNA & the executive director of the ADAMS Center!  This center financial supports Hamas, a terrorist grouup headed up by Khaled Mashal.  He resides in Syria.  Since Dalia Mogahed & Mohammed Majid deal with Hamas they also know the terrorist Musa Abu Marzook aka Dr. Musa Abu-Marzuq aka Sa’id Abu-Marzuq aka Abu-‘Umar aka Mousa Mohamed Abou Marzook aka Musa Abu Marzouk aka Musa Abu Marzuk, & his wife Nafia Alisha.  Marzook is a top deputy with Hamas!!   He & Nadia fled the country becoming federal fugitives several years ago when the FBI raided their business, Infocom in Richardson, Tx.  Law enforcement confirmed the fact that they were engaged in terrorist activities.  

Mogahed supported the Caliphate of ISIL, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi aka Abu Dua, in his quest to destroy Western Civilization in a letter she signed to him.  Dalia also supports genocide executed by ISIL / ISIS.  On March 17, 2016 Congress deemed ISIS as committing this act!   She also speaks at MAS National Conventions & other Muslim Brotherhood founded organizations.

The questions to be posed are only two.

Why would you have Muslims that are connected to terrorism & terrorist groups in this series trying to convince the public of False Facts?

The other question, Do you feel that you are creating a “False sense of Security” for the general public; either directly, or indirectly as presented by Dalia Mogahed & Mohammed Majid?

Multiple attempts were made by this author to contact the executive producer   (Nick Haines) of the series Muslims In The Metro, but were met with either no comment, or a willful evasion to my questions.  It is evident that KCPT TV is not as fair & balanced as they proclaim.  The refusal of KCPT TV & Nick Haines to discuss these questions leads one to think they have issues to hide!

This author called The Corporation For Public Broadcasting offices to get a comment  from Pat Harrison, CEO.  Although they seemed concerned there was no direct comment regarding the “false sense of security” elicited by Muslims In The Metro.

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