Kamala Harris Career Politician

by Chris “Kit” Alexander

December 1, 2017

Kamala Harris is a Career Politician that is dangerous to our society.  Her only interest is to gain power & maintain it at all costs!  This can be seen in this article that points out glaring character defects in  Kamala Harris.

A miscarriage of justice should not be tolerated.  This article is focusing on the trial of Jose Inez Garcia Zarate aka Juan Francisco López-Sánchez who killed Kate Steinle in San Francisco & the lack of character displayed by Kamala Harris throughout her political career.  It also includes the dereliction of duty by Kamala Harris in this case.  Harris was the State Attorney General at the time of this crime & up to 2017.  Her lack of expediency in bringing forth justice constitutes malpractice in this authors opinion.

Jose Zarate killer of Kate Steinle

Jose Inez Garcia Zarate aka Juan Francisco López-Sánchez was not charged with the crime of murder, but only with the crime of being a felon in possession of a firearm.  Zarate  is the ILLEGAL alien that was deported five times.  San Francisco was complicit in this crime as they refused to cooperate with ICE.  They claimed they are a Sanctuary City!  In reality the cities, Mayors, & Governors are harboring fugitives.  These entities can be  punished under specific USC Titles.

Kate Steinle pictured

On July 1, 2015, Kate Steinle was murdered by Zárate.  Kamala Harris was the State Atty General at that time.  Her tenure was from January 3, 2011 – January 3, 2017 before becoming a Senator.  Harris didn’t do her job in the Steinle case, instead she took the political course only to further her political career!  She should have  pushed for conviction of this killer.  Jose Zárate, a cold blooded killer is off the hook by not convicting him of the killing of Kate Steinle!  The blood of Kate Steinle is on the hands of Kamala Harris, the city of San Francisco, & the state of California!

Kamala Harris pictured with Obama

Kamala Harris wants to run for president in 2020.  Major media & the Democrat Party are fully behind her as they were with Obama.  This isn’t surprising because Kamala ‘s ideology is the same as Obama’s.  Kamala Harris is a Career Politician & has done & will do anything to further her political power.  This includes breaking the law through inaction on various legal cases while acting without any moral judgement!

It started with her affair with Speaker of the House, California State Assemblyman  Willie Brown.  She was 20 years old & Brown was 60 years old.  The affair was created by her to start her political career.  In other words, she whored her way into politics.  Progressively she has done worse things since.

Even her election as State Attorney General of California is regarded as fraudulent. There are  reports now indicating that her election might have been very fraudulent.

The case of Deborah Madden, a police lab technician, accused of stealing drugs is an example of Harris not doing her job.  On  May 21, 2010, when Harris was the District Atty, Judge Massullo stated, Harris’ District Atty office had the “duty to implement some type of procedure to secure & produce information relevant to Madden’s criminal history.” But Judge Massullo said her repeated requests that prosecutors explain why they did not have such procedures were met with “a level of indifference.” The Judge went on to say that, Kamala Harris failed “to produce information actually in its possession regarding Madden & the crime lab is a violation of the defendants’ constitutional rights,”

Harris is also guilty of Conflict of Interest in another major event highlighting potential malpractice.  This involves San Onofre Nuclear operation & SDG&E being clearly illegal. The deal ironed out between the CPUC & Edison in a debacle involving Harris has evidence as the result of a search, & Gov Jerry Brown at that time  was refusing to release emails related to the matter. This case involving the San Onofre / SDG&E investigation stemmed from a statute of limitations issue.  San Diego attorney Mike Aguirre stated about Harris “For her to let the three year period for the statute of limitations to run out on this case is nothing more than malpractice.”

Once again Harris hadn’t performed  her job in a professional & just manner.  Harris is guilty of malpractice on the case, as she has stalled it to advance her own political career.  Sounds like what Obama would have done!

Kamala Harris goes further to gain power & protect it.  Kamala Harris collaborated with Maxine Waters on a money scandal Waters started.  Kamala Harris donated $93,000 into Waters campaign fund to get power & stay in power on a pay for play mailing list scheme between 2010 & 2016.  Waters daughter was in charge of the mailing list of which Maxine & daughter collected over $750,000.

Other scandals involved the Moonlight Fire Case  Once again, misconduct charges that are overwhelming come up against then California Attorney General Kamala Harris “The misconduct in this case is so pervasive,” California Superior Court judge Leslie Nichols wrote, “that it would serve no purpose to attempt to recite it all here.”  This proves that Kamala Harris isn’t capable of exercising professionalism, honesty, & integrity in any office she holds.

On January 31, 2015, Kamala Harris was admonished by Judge Kim Wardlaw & three other judges from the 9th District Court of Appeals for prosecutorial misconduct.  Another example of misconduct on Kamala Harris’ part..

Kamala Harris has all the trappings of being a true Democrat. Her lack of character discussed in her ideology of getting into politics as a Career Politician & her associations with many people in the Obama Administration tell a story.  Show me who you walk with & I’ll show you who you are!  Her sister, Maya Harris, is also an attorney who was a vice president of the Ford Foundation & an adviser to Clinton’s 2016 campaign. Her brother-in-law, Tony West, was No. 3 in the Obama administration’s Justice Department.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray was accused of child sex abuse & Democrat Senator Kamala Harris would not disavow Mayor Ed Murray.  The reason is that they both are Democrats & that would not be politically expedient for Kamala Harris to do so.  This really illustrates her lack of character.

One very large issue is the second amendment & Kamala Harris’s views on guns.  Her views if elected president will affect the rest of the nation!  Kamala Harris has changed California State Department of Justice policy & is now limiting federal law enforcements ability to acquire handguns. Harris says the feds can only buy firearms listed on the Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale.  The problem is that the list keeps changing & Harris can with a stroke of the pen take certain weapons off the list!  The result is that law enforcement could be outgunned by the bad guys thanks to the past Attorney General Kamala Harris.

It appears that Kamala Harris is tied to the hip ideologically speaking to Barack Hussein Obama!  This is another reason why Career Politicians make bad presidents.  They lack the character & moral discipline needed to put the country & its citizens first.


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