How Did The Bush Family Accumulate Wealth ?

by Chris “Kit” Alexander

October 4, 2014

The value of work ethic in the United States of America is realized by most hard working Americans.  The business owner knows what it takes to build wealth in relation to upholding a set of principles without selling your soul, or without selling out our country for the sake of that wealth.  So the question is, How did the Bush Family build the tower of wealth they now possess ?  Who was instrumental in adding to their wealth ?  Who did they partner with to assist them politically ?

Most people would say that their wealth was created through the oil business !  This couldn’t be further from the truth !  In an interview with George W. Bush on Fox News most talk show hosts were saying how respectful & gentlemanly George W. Bush appeared.  He stated in the interview that he abides by his “set of principles” & that he didn’t sell his soul !

What are the Bush Family set of principles ?  This & other questions will become clear throughout this article !  This author needs to take the reader back to the beginning.  We start with Presott Bush.  He attended Yale University where he was a member of the Skull & Bones Secret Society, the same as George H.W. Bush & George W. Bush.

It might be note worthy to mention that Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. was the Trustee for William Huntington Russell & Daniel Colt Gilham’s Skull & Bones Secret Society that they established at Yale university.  The society at one time had holdings of over $4,000,000.  Averell Harriman, who later became the Governoer of New York from January 1, 1955-December 31, 1958, was the treasurer at that time.  Prescott Bush was an integral part in this society.                                                         

Senator Prescott Bush pictured                                                     Senator Prescott Bush

Prescott entered into the banking business with the help of his father-in-law George Herbert Walker in 1924, as Vice President.  Averell Harriman was the Governor of New York best friends with Prescott, especially in 1931 when Prescott was brought in as a partner to Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. which was a merchant bank.

In 1942, The Union Bank Corporation owned by Prescott Bush & his director Averell Harriman was shut down by the Roosevelt Administration on the grounds that Prescott Bush was laundering money & holding gold for Nazi leaders & his two friends Fritz Thyssen, who was a German Steel Magnate.

Thyssen was the fundraiser for Adolph Hitler & the only bank customer.  Prescott’s bank, Union Bank Corp, was seized in October for violation of the Trading with the Enemy Act along with the Holland-American Trading Corporation & the Seamless Steel Equipment Corporation, both managed by the Bush-Harriman Bank.  Bush & Harriman were accused by the U.S. federal government of being front organizations for Hitler’s Third Reich. The bank was supplying materials needed & credit for Prescott’s other friend. 

Union Bank Company Finances Hitler

Prescott Bush With Friend Adolph Hitler

It is purported that Prescott Bush was only involved with these people on a commercial basis & wasn’t a Nazis sympathizer.  This is hard to believe because wherever the money goes to support a cause, person, or organization, their belief structure, set of principles, & heart follow !  Matthew 12:34 sums it up,  For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.  Prescott Bush spoke to support Adolph Hitler, Fritz Thyssen, & three other Nazis that held a stake in the Union Bank Corporation. 

Prescott Bush in Early Days

Prescott Bush in Early Days

Prescott Bush was also involved in association with Rockerfeller, another contributor to Adolph Hitler.  Henry Ford was another that built tanks for the Nazis.  Anything to make a buck, right guys !  Another violation of the Trading with the Enemies Act while committing Treason !  Now you know how the Bush Family initially built their wealth, by working with the enemies of our country !  This is their set of principles !  Yes, they did sell their souls for the sake of money !

Moving forward to later years, The Bush Family entered into the oil business, but not in a credible way.  The Bush’s established an oil company by the name of Arbusto Energy, a Texas Firm, but with a twist !  The Texas oil company was started by George W. Bush. Arbusto means “Bush” in Spanish.  The twist is that they partnered with Osama bin Laden & Family !  So much for the statement George W. Bush made in the Fox News interview that, “I didn’t sell my soul.”  Where are the set of principles you referred to in this same interview ? Exactly what principles are you referencing ?  Are they patriotic prnciples that don’t encompass the ideology of the Skull & Bones Secret Society, or persons that are part of terrorists organizations ?

Prince Bandar bin Sultan was the Saudi ambassador in Washington from Bahrain from 1983 to 2005,  Bandar served under 5 presidents including George W. Bush.  Prince Bandar bin Sultan is on the Board of Trustees of The Arab Thought Foundation. Twelve other terrorists comprise the board.  He was in contact with George W. Bush during this time.  Bandar was appointed to an intelligence position for Saudi Arabia between 2012-March, 2014 and Saudi National Security Council Secretary General from 2005-Present.

He believes in terrorism to accomplish his goals

Prince Bandar bin Sultan on the Board of Trustees on The Arab Thought Foundation. Twelve other terrorists comprise the board.

Bahrain plays a big part in this by purporting to be the friendliest to America.  If that is the case why was Sheikh Salman Ebrahim Mohamed Ali Al Khalifais of the royal family in Bahrain found fighting against the U.S. with the terrorists ?  Sheikh Salman Ebrahim Mohamed Ali Al Khalifais of the royal family in Bahrain is related to King Hamad and is on the board of trustees for the Arab Thought Foundation. along with 12 other hard corps terrorists including the previously mentioned Prince Bandar bin Sultan associated with George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Ronald reagan, & Obama.

Interned in Gitmo for terrorism, captured fighting against the United States- Internment number 246

Sheikh Salman Ebrahim Mohamed Ali Al Khalifais of the royal family in Bahrain

He was interned at Gitmo, but was repatriated to Saudi custody, with fifteen other men, on July 16, 2007.  Sheikh Salman Ebrahim Mohamed Ali Al Khalifais internment number is 256.  He is also the founder of another terrorist group formed from six devout members known as the Lakawanna Six.  Since he was the ruling head from Bahrain what is the relationship of him to Prince Bandar?  Can’t you guess?  Prince Bandar helped President Ronald Reagan’s Administration illegally sell U.S. Weapons to Iran, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Saudi Arabia’s ultimate goal is to control Damascus.  Saudi Prince Bandar will go to any length, including terrorism attacks, to get his way,  The American public needs to understand that Saudis are the largest financial supporter for worldwide Sunni Terrorist groups like al-Qaeda, including ISIL, Hamas & the Taliban.  They profit from oil to the tune of over $70,000,000,000.  A large portion of this money is used to create Wahhabi Schools & Mosques in other countries like Canada, United States, & you name it !

Others involved in the financing of terrorism around the world relate directly to the Golden Chain, The Kingdom Holding Company held in control by Al Waleed bin Tala Abdullah bin Abdullah Aziz al Saud & King Abdullah bin Abdullah Aziz Al Saud, Arab Thought Foundation, & IIIT, or International Institute of Islamic Thought.  The Arab Thought Foundation & the International Institute of Islamic Thought are the two driving forces behind terrorism with other groups co-joining, espousing the same agenda.

Others mentioned that contribute to the financing can be found in this authors book, Truth The Political Answer Dangerous Times Ahead.  Other information regarding terrorists & Obama’s agenda can be found in Two Truths Two Justices.  Our country is in danger from the incremental loss of our Constitution & freedoms through who we elect as our President.  The last five presidents have contributed greatly to this picture, especially the last three ! 

Any Question Why Our Constitution Has Been Severely Violated ?

Any Question Why Our Constitution Has Been Severely Violated ?

George W. Bush in this authors opinion was the precursor to the Obama Administration.  George W. Bush’s contribution to the further loss of our freedoms to dissolve the Constitution is seen in the PATRIOT ACT.  Partnered with Bill Clinton, what has been accomplished is  a great amount of damage to our country, along with Obama. Never let it be said that Bill Clinton & George W. Bush don’t have anything in common.

When Clinton had a chance to take out Osama bin Laden he declined, the same as George W. Bush.  Why ?  Tthe answer is simple.  Both Clinton & Bush impeded the investigation of bin Laden & Al Qaeda for the oil !  The actions of these two were in order to keep up good relations with Saudi Arabia maintaining the stability of the oil market !  Again they put the dollar before our country & ultimately the safety of our military in perpetuity.

Bill Clinton made several statements at a Town Hall Meeting in Philadelphia, Pa. in 1993, exposing his true character.  He said, “We can’t be so fixated on preserving the individual rights of ordinary Americans.”  He went on to say, ” The purpose of government is to reign in the rights of its citizens.”  Doesn’t this imply that he wants to nullify the Constitution & divest citizens of freedoms ?  This is what George W. Bush has started with the PATRIOT ACT !  Sounds like they are all on the same team.

This explains why Barbara Bush calls Bill Clinton “her son.”  Barbara Bush also stated on January 22, 2014 in USA Today & Mail News of the same date, that “I Love Bill Clinton.” Even George W. Bush calls Hillary Clinton his “Sister-In-Law” with a lot of reverence.  Their politics of agreement has a lot to do with it !  It is evident that The Clintons, The Bush’s, & The Obama’s have a lot in common, but Bill Clinton & Obama are like two peas in a pod.  Our team is We The People ! This is why we can’t have another Bush in office that would attempt to destroy this country based on the background of the Bush Family. 

          DSC01394Prescott Bush father of George H. W. Bush

Lied when he said he would not raise taxes

George H. W. Bush son of Prescott Bush that assisted Adolph Htler with the Union Bank Corp

George H. W. Bush may appear to be a Conservative, but you could never tell it by the company he has kept in the past & present.  He holds personal & business relationships with some of the most left wing people that you could imagine.  For one, Bill Clinton, who Clinton describes as Bush being the father he never had. When George H. W. Bush formed Bush-Overby Oil Company with John Overby the arms of liberalism extended to include such investors as Eugene Meyer, owner of the Washington Post.  Of course, Prescott Bush was also an investor in this oil company !  Meyer was extremely left wing reflected in The Eugene & Agnes E. Meyer Foundation.  This foundation was the equivalent to the Tide Foundation in their dealings.  Former board members of the Eugene & Agnes E. Meyer Foundation are Eric Holder, Deborah Ratner, who is connected to many Democrats including Harison J. Bounel aka Barry Soetoro aka Barak Hussein & Obama, Albert Ratner, whose cousin is Michael Ratner an extreme left wing radical.

Michael Ratner heads up the Center for Constitutional Rights.  This is a law firm that aims at hurting America’s ability to defend itself from terrorists.  This is equivalent to aiding & abetting the enemy which falls under USC Title 18  Part 1 Chapter 115 Sections 2381, 2384-2390.  This law firm defended the terrorists at Gitmo.  They claim to be a Constitutional Rights organization.  Terrorists have no Constitutional Rights; therefore, they shouldn’t be defending the enemies of our country !  Once you understand the backgrounds of these staff members of the Center for Constitutional Rights, then you will know their destructive agenda.

One final note is that when George W. H. Bush was the Director of the CIA, it was evident that he was using his position for personal gain !  And these people call themselves Conservatives ?

Where Are Your Principles George W. Bush ?

George W. Bush Started Arbusto Energy Oil Company that Partnered with the Terrrorist Osama Bin Laden & Family.  Where are your principles George W. Bush ?

How close is George W. Bush to the oil concerns in Saudi Arabia ?  This close !

Obama Bows to King Abdullah & the Bush kisses him. What's the difference ?

Obama Bows to King Abdullah & Bush kisses him. What’s the difference ?

Is there a difference between George W. Bush & Obama in their “set of principles?”  Afterall. one bows, but both kiss,

Kiss of Destruction

Obama & the late Hugo Chavez November 2011, G 20 Summit

It appears that the entire Bush Family from Prescott Bush to George W. Bush is not the patriotic family that they want the public to believe !  There total wealth from the time of Prescott Bush is estimated to be $60,000,000; however this author conceives that it would be in the billions considering offshore & other hidden investments.

 Any member of the Bush Family through research shows they are NOT patriotic, only”Profit Driven !”  Profit Driven at the expense of The United States of America ! This author will admit that George W. Bush puts up the most convincing front, regarding a translucent personality, that I have ever seen !

We don't Need Another Bush !

Jeb Bush Former Governor of Florida

And then there is more………………

George P. Bush son of Jeb Bush

George P. Bush son of Jeb Bush

We don’t Need Another Bush in The White House…. The country is in bad enough shape as it is.  We need a real Patriot & supporter of The Constitution, not a destroyer of The Constitution !

We need someone that will defend our borders.  Jeb Bush wants total amnesty for Illegals, much like the son.  Afterall, they are operating under “their” set of principles.  If that happens more & more people will infiltrate this country & it will overload the welfare system, social security, educational system, hospitals, & our legal system.  Even worse, there are jihadists that are already in our country.

Bill & Hillary Clinton, Bush, & Obama want to place illegals in our military which would create situations that we witnessed in Ft. Hood with Major Hassan.

Another supporter of the illegals is Marco Rubio.  Marco Rubio wants total amnesty for illegals !  No conditions ! Rubio is a sell out as he has crossed over what he thinks will help to maintain his political position.  In The Examiner Newspaper Rubio made this Statement, illegal immigrants must happen before any new border security or internal enforcement measures are in place, and will in no way be conditional on any security requirements.” 

How dangerous is that for the American people as these illegals neither have been screened medically, nor have they had background checks for criminal activity !  Rubio needs to read the Constitution to see how wrong he is, & while he is at it, he needs to read the USC Titles to be aware of the violations he has committed through his statement.

All members of the Bush Family have the same set of principles & they will sell their souls like George Prescott Bush did when his Union Bank was closed down by the Roosevelt Administration for Trading with the Enemies Act.  Also Gerorge W. Bush technically was trading with the enemy when he he partnered with Osama Bin Laden Family for his Arbusto Energy Oil Co.  Make no mistake ! Jeb Bush is the same & he is not a true Republican as he asserts !  That is why we can’t afford another Bush in the White House !

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