Charges Against Obama



by Chris “Kit” Alexander

February 9, 2015

This article will present evidence to lay a foundation for standing of many violations & abuses against Obama.  Other articles on this website support this claim.  The articles are fully documented & follow a preponderance of evidence giving standing for charges supporting a case for dereliction of duty, violation of the Presidential Oath of Office, & much more.

The Presidential Oath is not just an oath, but is a “legal contract” with We The People of The United States of America!  Obama through this oath is subject to “Substantial Performance.”  The meaning of this term is that the  primary needs of this contract are met.  These needs are to defend the Constitution, promote the general welfare, defend this nation against all enemies foreign & domestic, guard our borders, enforce all laws, & maintain fiscal responsibility.  Concerning contracts, fulfillment of the obligations are agreed to in this contract upon swearing of the oath & accepting the terms of the oath & its responsibilities.

Since the Presidential Oath has been violated by Obama, all executive orders, Presidential Memorandums, policies, etc. are called into question.  There are executive orders & policies he has created that have no rational basis.  He has stated previous that there will be full transparency in his administration.  On the White House website Obama committed to full transparency, honesty, & not concealing any facts.  This was one of his many lies!  His words follow, “My Administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in Government.  We will work together to ensure the public trust and establish a system of transparency, public participation, and collaboration. Openness will strengthen our democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness in Government.”

This statement raises more standing for the case of his many violations.  Obama is guilty of  “Uberrima Fides / Fidei” which are legal terms expressing “The most utmost good & abundant good faith; absolute & perfect candor or openness & honesty; the absence of any concealment, deception, however slight.”  Obama hasn’t fulfilled any of what he has stated!

Obama’s eo’s could potentially be abrogated due to them being in conflict with our  Constitution.  This author has given standing for the case against Obama’s violations of our USC Titles in many areas.  There has been “Actual Controversy” Obama has created through a true legal dispute which could lead to a genuine lawsuit.  If Congress had the courage to pursue this course of action, it could lead to “Articles of Impeachment,” directed by the Senate.

There is a definite conflict of interest on Obama’s part with his constant aiding & abetting the radical Muslims; to wit, he has many friends aligned with this group that he condones.  In his own words he has stated that if things should get ugly he will be on the side of the Muslims.  Also regarding sides, Obama is more concerned with providing Constitutional rights to terrorists in Gitmo rather than taking sides to defend American citizens.  If Obama cared for this country he would do what Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel & King Abdullah II of Jordan have done, Protect citizens of their country & “actively” fight terrorism!

This brings up the “Federal Question!”  This involves Obama’s violations of our Constitution involving his executive orders that are totally opposite of our federal statutes.  Examples of this are the the lack of enforcement of Immigration Laws not allowing illegal immigrants to flood our borders.  Two days ago 20,000 illegals came into our country.  This constitutes his actions as being on the level of multiple felonies of which there is culpability on his part!

Another example of this is referred to as “Four Corners of an Instrument” by not revealing the full understanding of HR 3962 to the American public. The Four Corners of an Instrument refers to the face of a written document, or contract.  It has been explained before that the Oath of Office is a contract tied to our Constitution & We The People.  This is therefore applicable to this situation.

What Obama has done by his actions creates “Malum Prohibitum,” or “wrong due to being prohibited” by our Constitution & USC Titles.  The amount of debt Obama has created through peculation, or the misuse of government property & funds is a direct violation of USC Title 5 Gross Mismanagement & Other Matters.  When any invalid excess of authority is performed the violation of the rule of law is brought into play under “Ultra Vires.”  There is culpability that Obama is responsible for & he is “blamable; censurable for his breach of a legal duty & the commission of a fault as expressed by definition” in Blacks Rule of Law.

Under the Color of Law, Obama has exhibited “unconscionable conduct” & “unethical conduct.”  He has used the law to disguise or create a pretext for his transforming America through his hope & change with his authority as president that actually conflicts with the law.

Obama has assistance in this pursuit as Eric Holder has “covered his back” in all efforts being the Attorney General of The United States.  Both have contributed to ignoring the Constitution.  They have committed “Imputed Negligence” on each others part, as each one is negligent because of the responsibilities of their offices.  Obama & Eric Holder have omitted what should be done as each has a responsibility to regulate the conduct of human affairs as prescribed by The Preamble to The Constitution, Promote the general welfare of the country & not try to destroy it as Holder had done with his “race baiting” in Ferguson, Mo. & Obama’s policies that have attempted to destroy the Middle Class.

This author further includes others that Obama is aligned with regarding criminal charges.  Others such as Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, John Esposito,  & of course Eric Holder.

Pursuant to United States Code Title 18  Part1

Chapter 115 Section 2381-2390

Cause For Action: We The People vs.Barrack Hussein Obama / Participants

The following charges are presented as outlined in the above United States Code, that Barrack Hussein Obama is guilty of Treason & Sedition.  Accompanying him in the effort to overthrow the United States Government are the following principal participants:

Hillary Clinton

John Esposito

Bill Clinton

To wit, each has contributed to the slow erosion allowing radical Muslim terrorists to be part of the fabric of our society, thereby giving standing for the case of overthrowing our government.  Their agenda is not only to bring Shariah Law into this country, but to aid & abet organizations sharing this common interest,  dissolving the United States of America of her sovereignty.  Also having our country become part of the Muslim Nation.

Obama has worked against the Constitution to destroy it & elevate the Muslim Nation in our country.  Through his executive orders, appointments, & speeches expressing his personal agenda showing his intent.

While designated as an Illinois State Senator he tried to destroy the 10th Amendment.  His intent is further represented in his Inaugural Address when he stated that he has known Islam on three continents that is the experience that guides his convictions.  It is further noted that convictions are the driving force behind an agenda, directly related to a persons loyalties.

It is further noted that Barrack Hussein Obama through his speeches, associations, executive orders, legislation, & ancillary actions that he has violated his Oath of Office pursuant to his personal agenda & the advancement of radical Muslim causes in our country.

In his book Audacity of Hope , page 261, he stated that when the political winds shift & things get ugly he will side with the Muslims.  A direct action showing a violation of his Oath of Office regarding  his true loyalties.  Any loyalty violation can be identified with aiding & abetting the enemy.

Obama’s appointments of devout radical Muslims in key positions of our government leads to a violation of National Security in its form. His desire to appoint 8000 devout Muslims in government positions not only will give cause for concern, but will greatly expand the government.  Jihad Selah Williams aka Jihad F. Selah was appointed by Obama to bring in 8000 devout Muslims.  Jihad F. Selah also is the Program Coordinator for the CMSA ( Congressional Muslim Staffers Association ).

On June 5, 2009, Obama appointed  Kareem Shora & Arif Alikhan into sensitive positions.  They were appointed to the Homeland Security Advisory Council.

On September 25, 2009, Obama cancelled the Christian Day of Prayer  & replaced it with the Muslim Day of Prayer.  To date, a terrorist by the name of Anwar Hajjaj leads the Muslim prayers in our Nations Capitol every Friday with Obama’s knowledge.

Rashad Hussain, was appointed the White House Counsel.  Rashad Hussein is in support of the Muslim Brotherhood.  He has defended terrorists & stated that he supports Samar al-Arian, another known terrorist.

March 28, 2010, Islam A. Siddiqui was appointed the Chief Agricultural Negotiator by Obama through a questionable avenue called a recess appointment.  Siddique has a questionable reputation regarding the publics interest.  This recess appointment was done in relation to the Constitution being used against the best interests of the American people. Under Article II, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution, it gives the president the right to unilaterally fill any vacancy that would normally require Senate confirmation when the Senate is in recess.

June 3, 2009, President’s Visit to Saudi Arabia

“I thought it was very important to come to the place where Islam began and to seek His Majesty’s counsel.”  A statement that shows Obama’s underlying interest in Islam because of his Muslim connection.  It also shows that Obama, being a Muslim, seeks the counsel from the King that is building many Mosques & Wahhabi schools in our country.  Much of the 70 billion dollars derived from the oil industry goes to this cause.

Obama has created a circle of friends that are known terrorists, directly & indirectly.

Hany Saqr, Head of the North American Muslim Brotherhood

Ali Abunimah, Vice President of the Chicago based Arab American Action Network.  Ali Abunimah doesn’t hide his anti semitism, he is very vocal about it.

Al Mansour, aka Don Warden, Mumia Abu Jamil, aka Wesley Cook, the former black panther that killed a police officer in Philadelphia, Pa.

Rashid Khalidi  is a personal friend of Barack Obama & a Professor at Columbia University in Middle East studies.  He is very pro Palestinian & anti Israel.  Khalidi supports suicide bombings against Israel and from 1976 to 1982 he was involved with the PLO as being their official press agent through WAFA in Beirut.  Fund raisers were done for Obama by Khalidi in the elections for his Senate seat in Chicago.

Hatem El-Hady is a close friend not only of Obama, but is that of Michelle Obama.  Hady is the  chairman of the Toledo, Ohio-based Islamic charity, Kindhearts which was charged with terrorism and closed down in February 2006.  Hatem El-Hady also participated in fundraising on behalf of his friendship with the  Obama’s.

Mark Rudd another known associate of Obama’s  is a known terrorist participated in  terrorist training  camps in Cuba.

Bill Fletcher jr, Past Socialist Now President FCRC based in  Nashville, Tn. Part of the Progressives for Obama movement along with Barbara Ehrenreich who was a DSA leader is a Socialist that is part of the Progressives for Obama movement as well.  Carl Davidson is the webmaster for Obama’s web activities & a past national secretary of SDS.  His anti American activities are well documented.  Carl Davidson is the person that took over The Chicago New Party.  This Communist Party was established by Barrack Hussein Obama in 1995.

William Charles Ayers that is married to another notorious terrorist, Bernardine Dohrn.  Both hold teaching positions at Illinois colleges.  Dohrn teaches as an Associate Professor of Law at Northwestern University.

Yaqub Mirza is known to Barrack Hussein Obama and his correspondents.  Obama met with Mirza in Jakarta, Indonesia at Mirza’s Istiqlal Mosque, November 8, 2010.  Mirza is a known terrorist aligned with Omar Ashraf that have performed fund raiders for Hillary Clinton.  They are partisan with Yasin al-Qaidi, who happens to be the financier of Al- Qaeda, our enemy.

Obama’s executive orders outline a pattern of compliance with known terrorists promoting the take over of the United States government from within.

Executive Order 13498 (Feb 5, 2009), installed Imam Talal Eid to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF).  Eid is a known supporter of the Muslim World League which organizes terrorism throughout the world in coordination with the Muslim Brotherhood.  Imam Talal Eid  openly admits, he came to the US to represent the Muslim World League.  Imam Eid advocates the establishment of Shari’ah courts which would manage the family affairs of American Muslims & mediate their religious affairs within the scope of American law.  Obama has given the ultimate evidence in his personal agenda by appointing Eid & Dahlia Mogahed, appointed as the  President’s Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

Through this appointment Mogahed was further appointed one year later as the head of the Abu Dhabi Gallup Center  in the capital of the United Arab Emirates.  There is a direct access of information that is related from the United States to where our enemy resides via Dahlia Mogahed.

Executive Order 13490 (January 21, 2009), entitled Ethics Commitments by

Executive Branch Personnel

Section 1. Ethics Pledge.

‘‘6. Employment Qualification Commitment. I agree that any hiring or other

employment decisions I make will be based on the candidate’s qualifications,

competence, and experience.

When he hired the Czars they were hired and assigned to areas whereby, they had no experience. Pursuant to this order all Czars had Communist & anti American backgrounds.

Executive Orders13491&13493 (January 22, 2009).  Obama subverted the interrogation procedures of detainees at Gitanamo through executive order . These policies pursuant to prisoners at Gitmo Bay thwarted the efforts of interrogators to collect valuable information about the enemy.

Went to Copenhagen to ICC & tried to have this countries sovereignty removed, 2009.

1  Showing a disrespect for life through partial birth abortions with no responsibility towards scientific research.  It has been proven that this has not aided any patient to date.

Executive Order 13526—Classified

National Security Information

Memorandum of December 29, 2009

Senate: 2/17/2011–Introduced.Spending Control Act of 2011- Establishes the Grace Commission II to conduct a review of cost control in the federal government every two years with respect to improving management & reducing costs. Directs the Commission to conduct in-depth studies to evaluate potential improvements in the operations of executive agencies & to develop recommendations regarding: (1) opportunities for increased efficiency & reduced costs that can be realized by executive action or l   H R 779. Obama violated subsequent to quadrupling our debt even though it was administered after the fact.

Ancillary Actions relating to E9 2488/HB 1388

Obama has unjustly utilized the  Intercountry Adoption Act of 2000 & United States Emergency Refugee & Migration Assistance Fund.  The misuse of section 2(c)(1) of the Migration & Refugee Assistance Act of 1962 was used for the purpose of bringing questionable people that are probably connected to various terrorist groups.  All this done through the aforementioned E9-2488, or HB 1388.  All this is under billing code 4710-10-P, state Department.  This is a definite misappropriation of government funds.

Obama supports the Alliance For Civilizations.  This is the cover name for Hizb-ut-Tarir, an Islamic supremacist Group.  Obama joined them May 12, 2010.  This group advocates the overthrow of our government.  They recruit for service against the United States on our soil.  On July 20, 2009, they held a conference in Oaklawn, Illinois.  The topic was The Fall Of Capitalism & The Rise of Islam.  This clearly gives way to the charge of overthrowing our government.

Participants in this action

Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State has conspired to aid & abet the enemy of our country from her actions dating back to 2006-2007.   On November 4, 2007, through the affirmation of federal campaign records, she received money from two terrorists, M. Yaqub Mirza and Omar Ashraf.  These terrorists have done fund raisers for her in 2006 & 2007.  All are connected  to Yasin al-Qaidi, who happens to be the financier of Al- Qaeda, our enemy.

She has coordinated her effort with Obama by allocating 770 million dollars granted under billing code 4710-10-P to be given for the reclamation of Mosques supporting  terrorist groups.

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton exhibits dishonesty in her effort to support our country by falsifying information.  This was achieved when she censored six terrorists from entering the United States due to their terrorist involvements.  When she censored them it should be noted that they had been dead for six months to a year prior to her action.

SEPTEMBER 9, 2010, The Muslim Observer quoted the meaning of Obama & Hillary Clinton’s actions by saying,  “Both the president & the secretary of state have made it clear that the US government is pursuing a new relationship with Muslim communities based on mutual interest.  This mutual interest will be proven to be detrimental to the United States of America, while aiding terrorist groups.

A further claim against Hillary Clinton is the effort she went to achieving the admittance of two terrorists back into our country.  Tariq Ramadan & Adam Habib.

This action has linked Tariq Ramadan & John Esposito together in sedition against our country.  Both lecture at Georgetown University in the center built on the funds of the Muslim Brotherhood.  This is the Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding.

John Esposito is also the United Nations Ambassador for the Alliance for Civilizations, the group Obama supports.  This group is an Islamic Supremacist Group that is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.  The other name for this group is Hizb-Ut-Tahrir. John Esposito is a long-time supporter of the global Muslim Brotherhood. He has espoused views consistent with Brotherhood doctrine, & has at least a dozen past or present affiliations with global Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas organizations.  This clearly is a case against John Esposito in the desire to see the overthrow of our government.

Bill Clinton is another participant in this action.  He has associated with many terrorists personally & financially.   Clinton’s contact with the Alavi foundation was Farshid Jahedi, President.  Jahedi was arrested for obstructing justice  when he destroyed records linking his foundation to Melli Bank & the ASSA Corp for participating in terrorism.  Proof is seen when the US Treasury Department proved that Melli Bank, ASSA Corp, & the Alavi Foundation were guilty.  The investigation revealed that between 2002 and 2006 Bank Melli sent well over $100 million to  Hamas, PIJ ( Palestinian Islamic Jihad ) & other groups, via the Quds Force which is a branch of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

Alavi’s contribution to Clinton came just two days after the Treasury Department also designated Alavi’s partner, the New York-based ASSA Corp., as a terrorist entity.   The truth of the matter is that Alavi Foundation is a procurement front for Iran’s nuclear weapons program.  They laundered their money through Bank Melli another arm of Alavi Foundation.  Bill Clinton shows his violation & involvement with aiding & abetting the enemy through working with the Alavi Foundation.

The officers of Bank Melli are acquainted with Bill Clinton.  The officers are  Mahmoud Reza Khavari, President & CEO, Ali Akbar Asghari, Jamal Damghanian, Barat Ghanbari, Mohamad Taghi Tavakoli, & Mohamad Reza Hossein Zadeh.  Bank Melli is the central bank of Iran.

Regarding one of the officers of the bank, Ahmad Reza Asghari aka Mohsen Randjbaran is wanted by the Argentine government which has issued an arrest warrant linking this Bank Melli Officer to the Hezbollah terrorist attack which destroyed a Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires in 1994.  Ahmad Reza Asghari aka Mohsen Randjbaran was the third secretary of the Iranian embassy in Buenos Aires at that time. According to an Argentine government investigative report on the bombing “Mr. Asghari was one of the highest placed persons in charge of the attack, and was also responsible for activating the clandestine networks of Iranians in Argentina”

In summary Obama has violated, along with his participants, sections 2381, 2382, 2384,2385,2389, &2390.

Section 2381      Treason

Section 2382      Misprision of felony

Section 2384      Seditious Conspiracy

Section 2385       Advocating the overthrow of the government

Section 2389       Recruiting for service against

Section 2390       Enlistment to serve against The United States

The true meaning of Obama’s Hope & change is seen through the appointments he made encouraging people to respond as Van jones enumerated in the aspect of revolution.  Obama encourages the unconstitutional take over of the private sector, as he demonstrated through Obamacare, car industry, Cap & Trade, etc.  All these elements work against a Free Market, Capitalist System.

He encourages various Communist principles such as spreading the wealth & confiscation of 401K’s.

If Obama creates another military force other than what we have, this corresponds to the overthrow of our government.  There is only one authorized military force in the United States & that is presently in place.  He stated prior that he wants to create another military force that would be just as strong & just as well equipped as our present force.  Our present military was authorized by Congress as a legitimate force.  It therefore would be another violation of the Constitution to create another military force.

Any action by Obama that violates the Constitution through illegitimate passage of bills, forceable purchasing of goods & services, or creating legislation that destroys individual freedoms of citizens’ is a form of treason / sedition.

Obamacare HR 3962, is a violation of individual rights pursuant to the Constitution.

Sections 7201 & 7203 respectively are violations that merit the attention of any cou

Section 7201 of Obamacare

The nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation reported that the House version of the healthcare bill specifies that those who don’t buy health insurance and do not pay the fine of about 2.5 percent of their income for failing to do so can face a penalty of up to five years in prison!

Section 7201 — felony willful evasion is punishable by a fine of up to $250,000 &/or imprisonment of up to five years.”

      Section 7203 of Obamacare

Section 7203 — misdemeanor willful failure to pay is punishable by a fine of up to $25,000 &/or imprisonment of up to one year.

I respectfully submit that along with all of the other evidence outlined in this brief that Barrack Hussein Obama is guilty of treason & sedition along with all participants.

It is further submitted that Barrack Hussein Obama & his participants should be removed from office in consideration of the aforementioned points of order.


It is impossible to rightly govern a Nation without GOD & the Bible….George Washington




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