A Cult Revealed

by Chris “Kit” Alexander

October 17, 2015

This article will deal with emphasis on the aspect of what a cult is & how it relates to the Muslims’.  What is the definition of a Muslim?  Websters Dictionary defines it as one that is an adherent of Islam.  The next question would be, what are the Muslims beliefs?

The Muslims believe that Allah is able to do all things, & has no need of a wife or son.  God is discounted in this thought & Jesus Christ isn’t represented as Gods Son.  The Son is an integral part of everything because that is the bridge to God, himself.  This is why the Muslims don’t believe in the Trinity.

Zakat is the another belief they have that claims to purify the soul from stinginess, miserliness, & accustoms people to being generous & helping the poor & needy.  One of the pillars in Zakat is the path to Allah.  This path has been proven to support terrorism.  How is that being merciful, or generous in nature?

Hajj is one of their beliefs that a Pilgrimage needs to be made to the sacred House of Allah, which was built by Abraham. By performing Hajj one is obeying the command of Allah & the call to meet other Muslims from all over the world.

Other beliefs express that they are commanded to do good, showing good manners, but evil is forbidden. The encouragement of good manners & proper treatment of others is essential.  Is this what we have seen in the past, & what will we experience in the future if this is truly their belief?  This is total hypocisy as it relates to their punishments, or Hadds!

They further believe that Muslims are to have good characteristics such as truthfulness, patience, deliberation, kindness, humility, modesty, keeping promises, dignity, mercy, justice, courage, patience, friendliness, contentment, chastity, good treatment, tolerance, trustworthiness, & self-control & forbids visiting or believing soothsayers at times of anger.  It is hard to believe this as there is NO mercy, or compassion in the readings of the Quran!  What is noted is a thread of guilt throughout the Quran.

These above listed good characteristics have not been demonstrated to the world as yet!  In a Muslims family life it dictates that a good Muslim would treat his wife kindly.  It isn’t kind to kill your wife & call it an Honor Killing, merely to justify an indefensible act.

Attention should be given to the fact that Islam condones slavery.  Wherever there is slavery there is racism.  Slavery in Muslim countries is accepted & viewed as a status symbol.

The forbidden elements of Muslims are important to gain a perspective of Islam.  Islam forbids the association of anything in worship with Allah & the worship of anything other than Allah.  They also forbid any business being conducted in the Mosque, or any association with soothsayers, fortune-tellers, or other things of this nature.  We have found in the past that in some of these Mosques they stored weapons & ammunitions!  So much for honoring their beliefs!

Islam forbids canceling out good deeds by showing off, boasting or reminding others of one’s favors.  Allah is the only one that a Muslim can bow before.  It would be considered immoral & it is forbidden to sit with hypocrites for the purposes of enjoying their company or keeping them company.  This is a fundamental issue since what has been presented, has also been violated by Muslims regarding hypocrisy, possessing good characteristics, & the proper treatment of others.  What we have attested to is the exact opposite of what they profess.

Islam forbids urinating into stagnant water; defecating on the side of the road or in places where people seek shade or where they draw water

The offering of any superfluous prayers is forbidden when the sun is rising, setting, or when it is at its zenith because they believe that it rises & sets between the horns of Satan.

No Muslim should raise his voice in prayer, it disturb other believers.

Haste in walking is forbidden when the call precedes the congregational prayer.  Walking should be done in a dignified manner.

Regarding grave sites they forbid any building over them, making them high, sitting on them, walking between them wearing shoes, putting lights over them or writing on them.

There should be no wailing, tearing one’s clothes or leaving one’s hair unkept when a person dies.

Islam forbids the partaking of interest; misleading people, or cheating them.  There should be no selling of blood, wine, pork, or idols.

Celibacy & castration are forbidden, as is marrying two sisters, or a woman & her aunt paternal or maternal.

A man is forbidden to propose marriage to a woman when another man has already proposed to her, unless the other man withdraws his proposal or gives him permission.

Women are forbidden to admit anyone into their husband’s home without his permission.

In the area of clothing & adornment, men are forbidden the extravagance of wearing gold.  As women are not permitted to adorn themselves either.

It is forbidden to bear false witness; to make false accusations against a chaste believing woman.  This applies to an innocent person as well.  Islam also forbids the telling of lies in the slandering of a person. Gossip & maliciousness are forbidden.

If Islam forbids lying then why is it permissible to lie to non Muslims, or what they refer to as the infidels?  This is explained in the Quran that lying is permitted to accomplish their agenda against non Muslims.  Does this sound a lot like more hypocrisy?

Muslims are forbidden to praise themselves & Islam forbids speaking ill of the dead; praying for death; wishing for death because of some suffering that one is passing through; praying against one’s self, one’s children, one’s servants or one’s wealth.

It is forbidden to kill another person except in cases where it is right to do so.  It must have been right in their false truth backward thinking to kill 3000 innocent people in the name of Islam on September 11, 2001!

It is forbidden to obey any person by disobeying Allah which extends to swearing falsely.  This could be construed as taking an oath of office serving in our government.  A Muslim is forbidden to let an oath come between him & good deeds.  The meaning of this is that the oath doesn’t have to be honored.  A good deed from their standpoint needs to be defined.  Obama probable considers it a good deed to not honor his Oath of Office in the accomplishment of the Muslim agenda.  Afterall, Obama stated many times that he is loyal to the Muslim agenda & that if things should get ugly he will side with the Muslims.

Alarming a fellow Muslim by taking away his possessions is against the belief & is forbidden whether jokingly or seriously.  It is also considered forbidden to take a gift back.  Islam forbids betraying a trust about asking for charity that one does not need.  It is noteworthy at this time to mention the misuse of charities to gain financial benefit to be used in Jihad.  A prime example of this is Mercy International run by Zahid Sheikh Mohammed, Sheikh Mohammed’s brother.  They use funding to finance terrorism worldwide the same as The Golden Chain, KindHearts, OIC, CAIR, etc.

The essence of the article deals with the aspect of a cult & its characteristics.  Now that we have a good understanding of Muslim beliefs & what is forbidden, it is important to see if there are any attributable signs that Islam represents a cult.

What is a cult?  Returning to the definition that Websters Dictionary provides it says, “a quasi-religious organization using devious psychological techniques to gain and control of its adherents; group whose beliefs or practices are considered abnormal or bizarre with language that creates negativity and an express contempt or distaste.”  In this authors opinion, this defines the Muslim way as prescribed by Islam!

What are the characteristics that actually define a cult?  Members in the group aren’t allowed to discuss criticism of its leaders, doctrine, the organization, or read information that is critical of the religion.  They view criticism of the religion as not adhering to their God, but view opposing ideas as being of the devil.  There is a strong teaching in the cult suppressing anything which might reflect negatively to outsiders about the religion.  The cult must always appear to be compassionate, merciful, & fair.  The use of spying is used to gain information about improper activities or comments about the cult, or its leadership

There is a sense of cutting off all relationships with ex-members, critics, & even their relatives if the belief structure doesn’t match the cults; thus gaining emotional control & thought control of its members. This results in an absolute reduction of freedoms, liberties, plus the denial of a lifestyle for the person to achieve any personal aspirations.  Through brainwashing they are convinced there is no life outside of the cult!   This is reinforced through the leaders that instill fear of punishment if there is a sense of varying from the cults dictates.

Punishments are usually very severe without regard for human rights, compassion, mercy, or the respect for human dignity.  Since doctrines of cults are viewed as absolutes & they see their ideology as the only reality, fear is used against the people belonging to the cult.  Adherents to the cult are fearful to leave knowing there will be retaliation of some sort, even death threats.

There has been a very long history of enslavement of blacks in Arabia & other Muslim lands.  That is why the word for slave & black are the same, Abed!

It is further noted that slavery is sanctioned by the Quran & enjoyed a place in Arab society without any sign of disgrace, or reproach.  Muhammad even claimed that it is legitimate for it to exist.  This being the case, why would black people want to become slaves to Islam by joining such groups as MANA.  MANA is driven by Jamil Al Amin, aka, H. Rap Brown & is hailed by the members of MANA.  Rap Brown is a former Black Panther that made public statements that “if America don’t come around, we’re gonna burn it down.”  On March 16, 2000, he murdered a sheriff’s deputy.  Members of the MANA board are, Jeffrey Kearse aka Sirai Wahhai.  Wahhai is on the  Advisory board as a member of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.  He has been investigated as being a possible co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

Other notables with MANA are Ali Al Tamimi who was subsequently convicted of inciting terrorism in connection with the Viginia Jihad Network, & was sentenced on July 14, 2005, to life in prison.  Still another terrorist is Anwar al Awlaki, friend to Al Tamimi that encouraged him  to recruit young Muslims for “violent jihad under the group named Lashkar-e-Taiba in Virginia & the Washington, D. C. area.  Others associated with Al Tamimi are Johari Abdul Mali, a strong supporter of Ali Al-Timimi.  Mali is a Virginia-based cleric convicted of inciting his followers to wage war against the United States. All this was done through the Center for Islamic Information & Education Center in Falls Church, Va.

Kenny Gamble aka Luqman Abdul-Haqq is actively involved with MANA.  He owns Universal Companies that deals in real estate, based in Philadelphia, Pa. that works tirelessly for Muslims only.  Luqman Abdul-Haqq aka Kenny Gamble provided a center for Obama campaign headquarters during the 2008 election.  Haqq is a principle in the Muslim Alliance in North America that is influenced & under the umbrella of The Nation of Islam.  The Nation of Islam was established in 1930 by W. D. Fard.  The philosophy of this group teaches that the black man is good, the white man is the devil, & that Jesus was merely a prophet.  This really drives the point home regarding being a cult because any idea opposing the Islamic / Muslim view is from the devil as they see it.

Who is W. D. Fard?  Fard is actually known to the FBI as Wallace Don Fard aka  W.D. Fard, Allah aka Wallace/Wallie Dodd Ford, aka Wallace Dodd, aka Wallie Dodd Fard, aka W.D. Fard, aka David Ford-el, aka Wali Farad, aka Farrad Muhammad & F. Muhammad Ali.  Fard was an Arabian, not a Negro & has an extensive arrest record for bootlegging.  Fard served a prison term in San Quentin Prison for the sale of narcotics.

When Fard was in Detroit, Mi., he encouraged his followers to do human sacrifices.

Fard was referred to by Elijah Muhammad as being Allah, or God when in fact Fard was a criminal posing as a Negro, but was an Arabian man in reality.  Showing his disconnect with reality & embracing a criminal mentality Fard wrote in his book, “The believer must be stabbed through the heart.” This quote, as well as another stating, “Every son of Islam must gain a victory from a devil. Four victories & the son will attain his reward,”  His teaching was a hodgepodge blend of Islam, Jehovah’s Witness doctrine, Gnosticism, & Ufology. 


                                    W. D. Fard a Fraud


                                Trial proved Fard not a Negro






People that join Islam becoming Muslims, for the most part are from several backgrounds & beliefs.  There are quite a few criminals incarcerated that join for reasons of a resentment of authority, anger, or displacement of guilt feelings acquired through their lives.

Poorly educated people are the next target as they would believe anyone that could help them financially, or socially to redeem their dignity.  Others that would join in the cause of Islam and the Muslim agenda would be the Liberals, Socialists, Marxists, malcontents, etc.

Islam / Muslim influence is such that the result regarding Islamic political control has prevented social progress & economic development.  Obama has tried to support these efforts by allowing credibility to be given to the Muslim Brotherhood & giving speeches reflecting how much Islam has contributed to the world.  This is scathingly abusive in the political arena & viewed as giving in to terrorism.  It is also viewed as weakness in dealing with groups of this nature.  Obama is further trying to convince the United States through his actions that many Muslims are moderate in their religious faith.  The truth is that it is a cultic religious faith that depends on circumstances, whether political, or environmental, motivating them into radical behavior.

It does appear that all the qualifications for a cult are in place in the Islamic way of life encased in the shroud of being a Muslim.  Considering a more thorough evaluation it is realized that there is quite a bit of hypocrisy below the surface.

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