This is to present the American public with the Truth!  Far too often a story is told without the back story made apparent, leading to a lack of insight for a proper perspective.

Knowledge, Wisdom, & Insight help to understand the Truth in any given situation.  Also understanding the character of the people involved is neccessary.  This author of Truth The Political Answer Dangerous Times Ahead, Two Truths Two Justices and the newest book, America The Lightning Rod of Freedom Our Survival, endeavors to present this fact & scriptures to live by that relate to each article.  Character is the signpost to the road people travel.  If you understand their character it is apparent what they will do in the future!  The fruits of a persons character reveals all, Matthew 7:16.

Chris Alexander is a Christian author, researcher, journalist, public speaker, Martial Artist, & radio personality living in Portland, Oregon. He has contributed articles to many websites, magazines, newspapers & postings on YouTube.

He enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1963, serving in VN from 1965-1966 with the 3rd Marine Division.  Other duties in the Marines included teaching marksmanship to recruits as a PMI ( Primary Marksmanship Instructor ) at Parris Island, South Carolina, MCRD.

He attended Baker University endeavoring to major in Psychology & minoring in Sociology.

He appeared as a guest on many radio shows since 2009. He also appeared on several television shows entitled, USA Defenders Keeping America Informed & Streamwars.

“Public speaking is a necessary tool in getting the message out to the American public”, as he states. This is why he has given many presentations throughout Oregon for Americans For Prosperity, Liberators 11, Tea Party groups, & 9/12 events.